Email2Ticket - Autotask 1.6 API migration instructions


As you may already know, access to the Autotask SOAP API version 1.5 will be deprecated on 12/31/2021. The new API version 1.6, which utilizes the REST protocol can only be accessed using an Autotask API user with the use of a tracking identifier. 

What does this mean for Email2Ticket users? 
Answer: Any and all Email2Ticket rules configured to use ATWS (Autotask Webservices) will cease to connect to Autotask IF the connection is set up with a standard/admin user. 


If your Email2Ticket ATWS connections were configured with a standard Autotask User or an API user with a different tracking Identifier than "RapidFire Tools - Email2Ticket", please follow the steps below to avoid any interruption of the Email2Ticket service.


Step 1: Log into Autotask and create a new API user.



Step 2: From the Add User Screen, set the Security Level to "API User (system)"  set the tracking Identifier to "Integration Vendor" and select "RapidFire Tools - Email2Ticket" from the Integration Vendor dropdown. Note down the Username (key) and Password. These will be the credentials needed to set up your ATWS connections in Email2Ticket.




Step 3: Once you have created your new API user log into Email2Ticket and click the Administration link in the navigation pane to the left and then click the Manage Connections tab on the right. 




Step 4: Edit any ATWS connections that were being used in any of your Email2Ticket rules.
Note: Make sure to Test the connection before saving to ensure it connects successfully.


Step 5: Navigate to your mailbox(s) and expand them to see the parsers. Use the Manage Rules link to the right to bring up a list of rules configured for that parser.



Step 6: Edit all rules configure for ATWS (webservices). (see example below).



Step 7: From the Connection dropdown, ensure that the Rule is using the ATWS connection you modified and refresh the connection to make sure there are no errors.



For any additional support and/or questions please feel free to reach out to Rapidfire Tools Support by emailing or calling 678-323-1300 option 1.

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