Businesses globally lose an estimated $400 billion every year to cybercrime. The cost of a single cyber attack averages $55,000 for an SMB to $1.8M for a large enterprise. More than 90% of successful data breaches start with a social engineering attack, commonly referred to as phishing or spear-phishing. Traditional security solutions like email security, spam filtering, and anti-virus are ineffective against these attacks.

Graphus addresses these critical security gaps and enables businesses using cloud office platforms to protect against cybercriminals and careless or malicious employees. The solution comes with a built-in unique and easy-to-use capability to instantaneously investigate and mitigate threats.

Cybersecurity is complex and expensive. Our mission is to make enterprise-grade security easy-to-use and be affordable to businesses of all sizes all over the World.

In this Getting Started Guide, we introduce each capability in detail. Our goal is to keep it short and simple. We look forward to your feedback to make it better.

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