How to create an organization on Graphus?

This guide describes how to create a new organization in Graphus.

Adding an organization

To add an organization, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Graphus portal as an MSP admin.
  2. Go to the Organizations tab at and click the Add Organization button on the upper-right side of the page.


3. Enter the following details:

    • Organization Name: Enter the name of the organization.
    • Organization Primary Domain: Enter the primary email domain of the organization (for example, Please make sure to enter the correct domain. You will not be able to change that later.
  1. Note: If you are an IT Glue customer, you can import and synchronize organization names and domains from IT Glue using the Add from IT Glue button.  If you would like more information, please refer to Add a new Graphus Organization and Import IT Glue Data.
  2. 1.png
  4. image__1_.png
    • Admin Email: Enter the email address of the organization's admin.
    • Admin First Name: Enter the first name of the organization's admin.
    • Admin Last Name: Enter the last name of the organization's admin.
    • Subscription Start Date: Select the start date of the subscription.
    • Subscription Renewal Date: Select the renewal date of the subscription.
    • Organization Type: Select Office 365 if your organization uses Microsoft 365 as an email host. Select GSuite if your organization uses Google Workspace as an email host. 


  • Azure AD Tenant ID: If your organization type is Office 365, you will need to provide your organization's AD tenant ID for the Graphus Microsoft 365 Activation Wizard, which will automatically set up Graphus on your Microsoft 365 domain. If you would like to learn more, refer to the Graphus Microsoft Activation Wizard Guide


  • Comment: Enter any relevant comments.
  • Click Add Organization to create a new organization. A confirmation message is displayed on successful addition.


Note:  Once you add an organization, proceed and activate your organization and link to the Microsoft 365 wizard and Gsuite setup guide.

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