How is Graphus different from ProofPoint?

Graphus employs patented AI technology to establish a Trust GraphTM between people, devices, and networks by analyzing the unique interaction of your Organization with the external world. This Trust Graph is then used to reveal untrusted communication and detect threats. Graphus is a 'cloud-native application' that integrates with cloud APIs. It doesn't require internet mail rerouting and can work in conjunction with any other email security product.

In comparison, Proofpoint is an 'inline' email protection product that requires internet mail rerouting through its servers either in the cloud or on-prem. It is not a 'cloud-native application' and doesn't have the same visibility and control into the cloud communication and collaboration platforms as Graphus. It detects and classifies malicious emails through a combination of authentication (DMARC), pre-defined rules, dynamic classification, and domain reputation. It's approach to threat detection is generic across all it's customers.

In contrast, Graphus AI technology tailors itself to the unique attack surface of your organization, your employees, by learning from their interaction with the external world to establish trusted identities and unique fingerprints associated with those identities to detect spoofing and conversely do deep threat analysis of interactions from untrusted identities. 

This unique technology allows Graphus to detect targeted social engineering, spear phishing, and malware attacks that evade most of the other solutions in the market including ProofPoint.

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