Dark Web Monitoring Compromise Record Resolution

At Spanning we happy to deliver one of the most requested features for our Dark Web Monitoring capability since the service was announced. Spanning Administrators can now Resolve compromise records so that the records are removed from the list of compromises.

  1. Get started by navigating to the Dark Web tab.
  2. With the compromise list in view you can select, search, or filter the records in the compromise list.
  3. When no filters are applied, you can use 'Resolve All' button to resolve all items on the list.
  4. Individual items from the list can be selected and resolved.
  5. When filters are applied, you can use 'Resolve Results' to resolve compromise items in the current view.

If you choose a large list of records to be resolved they will be processed in batches of 500. The process may take a few moments to complete.

Note: Once you confirm the action to mark compromise records resolved they will no longer appear in Spanning Dark Web Monitoring. The records cannot be retrieved. This action is logged in the Activity Log.


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