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This guide provides a summary of different ways one can create a ticket in PSA. Using any of the below-mentioned methods one can create tickets for your organization. 

Manual Ticketing

Use our Service Desk module to create tickets in the app. Refer to this guide to get started with manual ticketing. 

Email Parser

PSA helps your parse emails from your organization mailboxes and convert them to tickets. Your mailbox can be saved in our parser setup and convert the emails to tickets. This guide will help you with the steps to set up a parser. 

Recurring Tickets

Recurring tickets help you create tickets for repetitive tasks. The Recurring Master Tickets page creates a series of "child" tickets for your recurring support issue. This guide will help you understand how this works. 

Ticketing for a Client portal user

With the successful setup of a client portal account, the end-user can log in to their portal and submit tickets, and review tickets created by them. Refer to these guides to set up and use the Client portal. 

Ticketing with Monitoring Integration

PSA support built-in RMM integration with VSA and Continuum. Alerts triggering a ticket will be created in PSA when this is setup. Here are the setup links for Continuum and VSA to help you get started with this. 


Make use of our public APIs to create tickets. The API call to create a ticket is

POST https://server_name/api/servicedesk/tickets.

Use this API guide to work with APIs. Import APIs are mostly for Historical data/tickets and by design don't trigger workflows.



  • Source type of a ticket is not customizable.
  • Due date on a ticket is a manual entry and is not dependant on an SLA. Due date cannot be automatically updated at this time.

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