How to upgrade Traverse DGEx [ windows] to latest version.


How to perform upgrade of a DGEx [windows]?


Here are the detailed steps to upgrade the DGEx with the latest version 

  • Download the traverse DGEx installer provided during the upgrade email.
  • Stop all the traverse services on the DGEx
  • Run the downloaded installer with admin privileges 
  • Follow the instruction pop-up on the installer window ( It will detect all the existing configurations, so avoid making the change and just validate)
  • Complete the upgrade and once it is done.
  • start all the traverse services 
  • wait 30 to 60 seconds while the application initializes
  • Navigate Superuser --> Health page and check the traverse components status for the DGEx
  • Also, review some random devices and tests 

  • Note:  If you get this error while running the DGEx installer, please follow these steps to resolve it.

    Components Running Prompt: Windows Upgrade
  • During the installation/upgrade, you might see a message, indicating that the installer cannot access some files in the Traverse directory because they are 

         being used by the WMI service.

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  • To resolve this issue and continue the installation, open a command window and enter the following, and then click Continue:

net stop winmgmt

  • The installer might prompt you to stop other dependent services. If so, stop these services.

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After the confirmation prompt displays, continue with the upgrade.

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