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vCIO Allstars 10/22


Chat Log 


00:07:23 Rob Danser:
00:09:15 Kristen: Sounds fun! 😂
00:09:33 Craig Anderson, PCM: but this time you only have a $5000 budget ;)
00:10:18 Craig Anderson, PCM: cross my figers and hope somebody gets them done before mynext client meeting...
00:11:30 Rob Danser: haha lol
00:12:05 Craig Anderson, PCM: that's a great idea odin
00:16:59 Craig Anderson, PCM: I have thought about/tried something like this before in my past roles, but I'm not very good at executing this continuously... I get like one done and then lose interest.. executive function failure on my part
00:17:52 Kristen: Thank you Odin! I wear a lot of hats at my company right now, so I definitely would like to do a newsletter! I am going to present this to the Tech Alignment and Marketing teams. Thank you for the idea!
00:18:14 Jennifer Berry: We're doing something similar to this with blog posts that are posted to our website and our LinkedIn profiles. We're connected with all of our POCs and client owners that have LinkedIn accounts, but we're working with a marketing company to assist in publishing them
00:18:57 Jennifer Berry: So we meet once a month internally to determine the subject and content of the following month's blog, and then work with the marketing company to get it drafted up and ready to publish
00:19:48 Tom Wyatt: At Safety Net, we do the same. A monthly blog we post to our website and social media.
00:22:05 IanThomson: have you thought about using something like Mail Chimp to track readership? Might help you focus efforts and get feedback on what is capturing interest
00:30:29 Craig Anderson, PCM: The PPC :)
00:32:48 Jen Marcenaro: Definitely having an agenda with action items with timelines is important in these meetings. Also keeping on track and not letting it become a session of complaining or addressing issues that are HR issues.
00:32:48 Robert Macalino: @craig Love the blinking fans
00:33:30 Robert Macalino: we run a standards council L10 weekly
00:37:21 Craig Anderson, PCM: I like have either a Senior Project Eng or a Senior TAM be the "lead" or "chair" - personally I don't like to be the one actually driving standards
00:37:31 Craig Anderson, PCM: if you have the right person anyway
00:38:50 Rob Danser:
00:39:22 Craig Anderson, PCM: @rob m - my Halloween decorations consisted of changing the colors of my lighting :) also the hand
00:40:45 Rob Danser: lol perfect
00:40:54 Neil Murray: There's bound to be some floundering to start when everyone's new to the standards setting process. It's almost like the blind leading the blind trying to figure out how to start.
00:47:40 Jared Belcher: We decide the following for each standard: Frequency, Onsite required or not, severity and what team handles it if it fails the standard, and documentation on how to implement if applicable.
00:56:10 Rob Danser:
00:56:28 Jared Belcher: 💰 Bag of coins for Craig
00:57:52 Odin Fuhrman: Elasticity what a fun word to say!
01:00:03 Odin Fuhrman: didn't steal it. "Permanently Borrowed"
01:00:09 Sandino: lol
01:00:16 Joe Foos, ZAG Technical Services: overlap with prior staff or MSP is important to give our team time to focus on learning/documenting/installing tools/securing basics
01:00:29 Jennifer Berry: ^exactly
01:02:06 Odin Fuhrman: oh man I'm going to miss it!
01:02:11 Odin Fuhrman: have a great weekend!
01:02:11 Joel Osera: Thanks!



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