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00:18:18 Brooke (she/her) Smith: hahah assuming updates don't break all the templates and work flows!
00:24:58 Rob Danser: Updates don't ever break things
00:28:18 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: Updates breaking things are just another way our vendors show us they love us
00:28:52 Rob Danser: :::looks around nervously:::
00:30:31 Brooke (she/her) Smith: HAHAHAHA
00:32:57 Derek Gabriel: that is a good question
00:34:01 Derek Gabriel: the problem with saying it's "common sense" is that a) sense isn't common b) everything means something different to different people
00:34:16 Don Rogers: true
00:35:39 Roman Stanton: I've always use the Money First Policy. If it stops from receiving money or its costing money, that's significant. After that its common sense.
00:36:01 Neil Murray: Teams is our lifeblood as well. Very common to ask questions of the team mid meeting if I need more info.
00:36:35 Bart: Teams has been very helpful - yes!
00:37:22 Derek Gabriel: well if a couple of run of the mill client staffers can't print, and you never get ahold of them and auto close their tickets, then they whine to their managers who whines to the CEO that your company is not responsive, you hear about that in the QBR and it sure can cost you money - so now your line about "does it cost money" is sure blurred
00:37:23 Jared Belcher: Yep to Teams!
00:38:22 Dan Seafoot: security is money ;)
00:38:23 Jared Belcher: Derek - I have no problem pushing those right back on the client and asking how we can ensure we get a response from them?
00:38:36 Brooke (she/her) Smith: Exactly Jared
00:38:44 Don Rogers: If it could touch the P&L then communicate
00:39:10 Jared Belcher: Major outages affecting everyone or an entire product...
00:40:20 Brooke (she/her) Smith: Exactly!
00:40:31 Neil Murray: 80/20 rule often applies to certain clients where 80% of tickets come from 20% of their users.
00:41:20 Roman Stanton: @derek, That's where I think ticket traction and good documentation comes in play. this way if that comes back, you can show the timeline, which as Brooke says, its a mutual relation. But yes its always a fine line if it gets to the C level.
00:41:21 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: QuickBooks ::really:: loves their customers based on how often it breaks
00:41:41 Jared Belcher: HA
00:42:16 Joshua Bristol: I was trying to hear you Derek
00:42:27 Derek Gabriel: sorry I have had mic problems all week, I am switching it now
00:42:42 Rob Danser: Ahhh that was you- sorry
00:54:37 Jared Belcher: You only have to focus on new clients for 60 days? Oh man that would be nice! :)
00:55:09 Derek Gabriel: lol Jared
01:02:18 Dan Seafoot: Lots of chat around Ticket trends and reporting..... I'm trying to move away from all of that because its not Business Strategy.... BUT it is great to be aware of how it looks. I shy away from sharing that info with our DMs directly - they are usually too busy to look that closely.
01:03:43 Ashli: I was!
01:04:35 Alex Densmore: Shameless link dropping for roadmap integration to RFPs/Opp: https://trumethods.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/1500000510621-Request-for-road-map-integration
01:05:00 Dan Seafoot: Thanks Alex!

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