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00:08:14 Odin Fuhrman: Is it just me or is Rob's sound going in and out?
00:08:21 Scott Chester: Sounds good here.
00:08:21 Derek Gabriel: sounds good for me...
00:08:23 Amy: it is
00:08:25 Jeff Fulton: OK here
00:08:30 Ian Thomson: crisp and clear for me
00:08:31 Dan Seafoot: sounds fine to me
00:08:40 Amy: it's when you talk softer
00:08:56 Jeff Fulton: Rob soft??
00:09:25 Amy: when Rob speaks softer (not as loud)
00:10:11 Ian Thomson: I'd love to comment on this - we've gone from no BDR, to optional, to mandatory so I've dealt with it all
00:10:40 Rob Danser: Amy am I ever not loud?
00:10:44 Rob Danser: :-)
00:10:52 Amy: when you breathe in...yese
00:10:54 Amy: yes
00:10:55 Brooke Smith: @Erin whats the program called?
00:11:01 Amy: scale pad
00:11:12 Amy: was warranty master
00:11:19 Brooke Smith: TY
00:11:22 Neil Murray: Previously Warranty Masters.
00:11:33 Neil Murray: (beat me to it Amy. :)
00:11:34 Derek Gabriel: IDK what the context is bc I'm half paying attention, but we love Scalepad too
00:11:45 Craig Anderson, PCM: we have a generic DR Plan template that we'll provide to clients for free. It covers a lot more than IT though so it's for them to fill out. If they want us to help them with any of it: I'm not sure exactly how we'll handle it, as so far my clients have fallen into two buckets: -they already have DR planning -they aren't interested
00:12:01 Rob Danser: @derek- We are talking about building BDR plans
00:12:15 Derek Gabriel: Ah thanks! :D
00:12:16 Odin Fuhrman: Craig do you mind sharing the template with the group?
00:12:42 Derek Gabriel: we have love for scalepad, but don't really use it for BDR
00:12:46 Brooke Smith: https://www.complianceforge.com/
00:12:51 Derek Gabriel: asset lifecycle management for sure
00:14:21 Derek Gabriel: is there an overlap between complianceforge and myitprocess? or are they complimentary?
00:15:42 Dan Seafoot: WOOOO Fellow Canadian!
00:17:15 Craig Anderson, PCM: Does anybody have a suggestion for how to do this without me being the one to put in the 12 hours? Maybe this is not very VCIO-like, but reviewing/writing policies and compliance documents is very much not in my strengths list
00:18:39 Derek Gabriel: it sounds like there's an opportunity for a continuity manager or role like that for the documentation and verification portion? verifying the DR setup works is a huge thing as well, right?
00:20:01 Rob Danser: Derek- Maybe? but I think you would be having to be doing a lot of these and charging accordingly to make sure the role is profitable
00:20:10 Erin O'Donnell: yes, the verification is huge - and the major part of why we began using Datto.
00:20:47 Derek Gabriel: this sounds similar to the challenge we have with cybersecurity (speaking of that event the other day, they discussed this on one of the sessions) but the need to have someone that drives incident response, it's not really a role that can be part time or passed around.
00:21:06 Jeff Fulton: https://drii.org
00:21:26 Dan Seafoot: Thanks Jeff - that was a great overview of your DRP program for vCIOs
00:21:36 Erin O'Donnell: Has anyone fully built out a security stack using Microsoft Compliance Manager?
00:21:44 Jeff Fulton: :)
00:21:58 Derek Gabriel: TY @Rob, perfect clarification
00:23:47 Jeff Fulton: Sounds like our DR Lite Stephen
00:24:05 Derek Gabriel: @Erin, I like what you said, we've been exploring compliance manager
00:24:39 Erin O'Donnell: @Derek, it's a game changer, for sure.
00:26:19 Erin O'Donnell: @Stephen, agreed. That's a conversation that's had at the beginning, then it is just managed automatically.
00:26:45 Derek Gabriel: I feel that way about a number of the other MS tools like the treat management, cloud app, data security, etc, we're licensing all customers with E5 and going all in with the MS tools to manage their environments'.
00:28:34 Derek Gabriel: I had an interesting conversation with a cyber insurance provider that is exploring using MS Secure Score/Compliance Score/Azure score to assess their customers risk as part of policy underwriting.
00:29:13 Erin O'Donnell: yes, I've had one of my bigger medical clients that we just started talking about that this week as well.
00:30:34 Derek Gabriel: says no one ever
00:30:41 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: ^^^
00:31:06 Derek Gabriel: is that a form of self-flagellation?
00:31:29 Dan Seafoot: hahaa @Derek
00:31:34 Rob Danser: yea....
00:32:12 Amy: @Jeff Fulton, what is FCIO?
00:33:02 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: That was a very informative Cybernation call
00:34:40 Jeff Fulton: 3 legged stool, BCP, DR and Crisis Mgt
00:36:27 Brooke Smith: We outsource
00:37:27 Derek Gabriel: ITBD does have a new SOC service
00:37:53 Sara Geiser: Does anyone have a good Mac inventory program that works all the time? Automate seems to be spotty.
00:38:35 Erin O'Donnell: jamf works better for Mac. Apploe also has a business account option for multiple device tracking. Automate is terrible for Macs.
00:38:51 Derek Gabriel: we did once upon a time use a master ISP program, but it's not worth the effort, we now use a disty that has a wired and wireline partner program so we stick to their carriers.
00:38:58 Bart: I only use partners for ISP - it works well - been doing it for 15 years
00:39:10 Brooke Smith: EventTracker
00:39:47 J.Mac Brown-Affinity, Nashville: Our team a year ago researched Mac MDMs and landed with Addigy as being our standard for now.
00:41:26 Bart: I use a firm and then I also use them when correct for sdwan set up
00:41:31 Derek Gabriel: Fortigate
00:41:46 Jeff Fulton: No SD Wan yet
00:42:09 Bart: I like Bigleaf for SD Wan - we have tried a few
00:42:22 Craig Anderson, PCM: im a big fan of big leaf
00:42:54 Derek Gabriel: We use Fortigate for our retail clients, they have a primary and secondary and sometimes tertiary ISP (fiber, cable/dsl, LTE) and I sleep well at night.
00:43:01 Ian Thomson: we require a standard firewall that handles self repairing VPN, so SD wan is just an extra cost for most of our clients
00:43:12 Bart: https://www.bigleaf.net/
00:43:33 Craig Anderson, PCM: big leaf aggregates your ISPs and makes failover and QoS seamless.. magic.. it also makes you ISP-agnostic
00:43:51 Craig Anderson, PCM: big leaf effectively becomes the ISP to some extent
00:44:05 Craig Anderson, PCM: and as the MS
00:44:18 Craig Anderson, PCM: MSP you get a pretty slick portal where you can see all your clients on it
00:44:29 Ian Thomson: @craig do you use it on any Double NAT or CGNAT connections?
00:44:31 Derek Gabriel: we standardized on Fortigate for our customers so SDwan is included and we set it up even if they only have a single ISP so if we ever have a reason to drop in a second carrier, it's already setup. SDWan is not a complicated setup, and IDK why it's not a standard feature for all firewalls, IMHO.
00:44:57 Craig Anderson, PCM: @ian I don't have any of those situations, so I guess not
00:45:15 jallan: We use Arctic Wolf
00:45:41 Derek Gabriel: I have not looked at the ITBD SOC product yet, but we use them for our helpdesk techs and are happy with that service. We will probably evaluate SOC in the future.
00:47:12 Jeff Fulton: Tags?
00:48:00 Jeff Fulton: We tag the hell out of it :)
00:49:05 Jeff Fulton: Can only tag to categories
00:49:16 Jeff Fulton: Love to see tags to questions
00:49:36 Keala: @jeff Me too, I also forget it's categories and sections only.
00:51:04 Jeff Fulton: We go in cycles, add a security +, then a year or two down the road it becomes standard, rinse and repeat
00:57:33 Craig Anderson, PCM: I like how Friends of Erics abbreviates as FOEs
00:59:07 Craig Anderson, PCM: erin is politely raising her hand
00:59:13 Derek Gabriel: the only way is interrupting
00:59:16 Jeff Fulton: So polite
00:59:25 Derek Gabriel: this is why we need more women in tech ;)
01:01:51 Brooke Smith: 10000% ture
01:01:54 Derek Gabriel: AGREE on the small lawyers' offices
01:01:55 Brooke Smith: *tru
01:02:13 Craig Anderson, PCM: we have a small up and coming non-TruMethods it provider shop in the area that we introduce our clients to that we dongt want anymore
01:02:13 Derek Gabriel: Nooo we have the BEST success with nonprofits, also the highest margins of all our customers.
01:02:18 Erin O'Donnell: #technicalwomen I feel like that's the next viral movement
01:02:54 Erin O'Donnell: agreed, non-profits and DoD contractors are cash cows
01:03:01 Craig Anderson, PCM: i'm neutral on non-profits. I don't have too much trouble with them.. but you do need to understand that their revenue/cost structure is different than a regular business
01:03:16 Jeff Fulton: Our local non-profit just got $5mil from Bezos ex wife
01:03:30 Derek Gabriel: agree Craig - we've reached the point we're going to specialize for nonprofit and make it our main vertical
01:03:33 Erin O'Donnell: spend that alimony! :D
01:03:34 Jeff Fulton: so we like them now LOL
01:03:46 Warren Ksiez - CITOC: see ya!

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