12/4: vCIO All Stars






00:12:08 Rob Danser: https://hubs.ly/H0zwXTk0
00:13:35 Rob Danser: I think it'd be interesting to discuss how different MSPs handle internal communications at their companies to keep all the employees and departments on the same page about what's happening at clients. With so many tools out there and each employee or role is working with different systems, it can be hard to pull all the disparate pieces of information together to see the whole picture. Also, often the information is too granular and myopic to see the big picture stuff anyway, it's tactical rather than strategic info. I'd be curious to hear how others capture, share, and sort information to keep communications active and relevant to their roles. Example tools: PSA (Connectwise, Autotask) Project management MyITprocess IT Glue OneNote Chat programs (Slack, Teams) Email Task management apps
00:16:01 Craig Anderson, PCM: We have a weekly "Super Power L10" with VCIO/TAM but I'm not convinced we get the kind of communication out of this we need in terms of whats going on at the clients
00:18:17 Craig Anderson, PCM: oh, that being said, I almost forot, I scheduled weekly meeting starting next week where the agenda is to review the outcomes from any SBRs that happened in the past week and sync up on plans for the next SBR
00:24:54 Dan Seafoot: is anyone using Monday.com? No plug.... I think it looks cool for inter-company progress reporting
00:25:14 Dan Seafoot: We might launch a trial of it
00:26:05 Brooke Smith: We use CW pop ups too!
00:28:21 Neil Murray: We use Monday.com for project management for our Professional Services group
00:28:56 Brooke Smith: We do a weekly meeting to review projects
00:32:33 Dan Seafoot: Thanks Neil!
00:40:15 Brooke Smith: LOL
00:40:32 Rob Danser: Teamed?
00:42:51 Andrew Millington: I thought the official MS term was "Pinged"
00:43:35 Brooke Smith: We are not allowed to have "drive bys" or "drop ins" if it's not in an email or a ticket it never happened
00:43:59 Dan Seafoot: good idea Brooke!
00:46:06 Andrew Millington: Anyone else remember Skydrive?
00:46:13 Brooke Smith: We use configs a lot too
00:49:15 Craig Anderson, PCM: LyncSkypeTeams
00:50:43 Craig Anderson, PCM: I've used aton of trello over the years, and have not yet used planner much but i'm optimistoic because of its integration to To Do and Teams and so on
00:51:21 Jorge Viveros: Our Project Manager uses Planner for each project, which populates a Projects channel in Teams
00:52:54 JD Arthur: The Teams and Planner integration is why I prefer Planner
00:52:59 Dan Seafoot: Thanks for the Trello config - we could use Planner that way too
00:56:02 Brooke Smith: Culture! Get your team to understand your time is important when you've blocked out time for you!
00:58:06 Rob Danser: https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Things-Done-Stress-Free-Productivity/dp/0142000280
00:58:33 Brooke Smith: Shake your head yes but say NO
01:00:38 Brooke Smith: We take meeting notes during N/A and send it out for review after for everyone to review and complete tasks
01:00:59 Jorge Viveros: Never have a meeting if you don't have all three of the following: - an agenda - notes from the meeting - action items at the end of a meeting
01:01:07 J.Mac Brown: David Allen
01:01:50 Brooke Smith: I do the same thing Craig!
01:01:57 Stephen Kellogg: Gotta jump.. have a meeting at 3 and need to change my background :D Have a great weekend all...
01:02:18 Jorge Viveros: not me, I'm using this background from now on
01:02:31 Brooke Smith: hahaha Jorge -- I wish I had a green screen LOL
01:03:54 Dan Seafoot: what's the security like on the remarkable?
01:04:03 Whitney Mason: Santa is bringing me a Rocketbook for Christmas!
01:04:08 Rob Danser: hahahha
01:04:46 Dan Seafoot: NICE
01:05:14 Jorge Viveros: adding to cart
01:05:37 Dan Seafoot: I missed the background reaction - where can I view the start of this meeting?
01:05:48 Warren Ksiez: THnaks GB

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