7/23- myITprocess Feedback w/ ITGlue



Chat Log 


00:07:36 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: That is awesome!
00:08:40 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: I've had nothing but problems with my Stream Deck :(
00:09:32 Derek Gabriel: there is a joke there...
00:10:01 Derek Gabriel: Happy Friday! :D
00:10:37 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: Aloha!
00:11:08 Derek Gabriel: Calendar schmalendar
00:11:17 Brooke Smith: Stream Deck Calendar BUTTON
00:11:32 Derek Gabriel: ♥ Brooke
00:11:42 Derek Gabriel: Why do I want to take up a valuable button with THAT?!
00:11:57 Craig Anderson, PCM: curveballs
00:12:00 Craig Anderson, PCM: axes
00:12:05 Craig Anderson, PCM: knives
00:12:09 Derek Gabriel: flaming bags of...
00:12:11 Craig Anderson, PCM: other things that are hard to catch
00:12:14 Craig Anderson, PCM: LOL
00:12:42 Derek Gabriel: UGH FRIDAY THE 13TH!?!
00:13:27 Rob Danser: Brandi@quercusit.com
00:13:44 Craig Anderson, PCM: so th roleplay is Friday 8/13?
00:13:58 Craig Anderson, PCM: 8/6
00:14:00 Craig Anderson, PCM: got it
00:14:17 Derek Gabriel: let me tell you about the IR templates..... lol... I've been working with a team on this exact thing, and yeah... 80+ pages... there are like literally a million templates on the internet, but they're all just overwhelming.
00:15:25 Derek Gabriel: Jeff has been assimilated
00:15:59 Rob Danser: Resistance is Futile :-)
00:16:22 Craig Anderson, PCM: booo
00:16:36 Derek Gabriel: Are we allowed to ask real questions today, or does this have to be nice and friendly?
00:16:50 Rob Danser: I mean… he isn't wrong.
00:16:51 Craig Anderson, PCM: was wondering when my Recommendation Backlog report was coming...
00:17:36 Rob Danser: @derek- if it around myITprocess and the products future fire away. But yes the idea here is to keep it into the score of myITprocess
00:18:24 Derek Gabriel: I jest... but the development cycle and attention to feature requests for ITGlue has been a sore spot for some in the past... that's all...
00:18:29 Nadeem Azhar: daily basis almost if it's not tam/strategy then it's building templates or improving them
00:18:36 Jennifer Berry: preparing for strategic meetings
00:18:38 Derek Gabriel: I want to use it more
00:19:16 Brooke Smith: 3-4x's a week to review N/A assessments as they become available for review
00:20:01 Jorge Viveros: Log in about 2-3 times a week to close out TAM reviews, update tech roadmaps and prepare for meetings
00:20:42 Derek Gabriel: I would have myitprocess open in a tab 24/7 if it was more flexible and useful for day to day
00:20:43 Brooke Smith: Evernote and Connectwise
00:20:49 Ashli Clubine: Connectwise
00:20:54 Bart Bushong: CW
00:20:54 Nadeem Azhar: OneNote and finance app
00:20:58 Bob Tukin: CW
00:20:59 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: CW
00:21:07 Keala: OneNote, RMM, IT glue
00:21:10 Jorge Viveros: ITGlue, PSA
00:21:13 Christian Gualdoni: One note
00:21:16 Derek Gabriel: Dynamics.. PowerBI… RMM... Accounting
00:21:17 Jorge Viveros: RMM as well
00:21:31 Derek Gabriel: Other vCIO platforms...
00:21:36 Ashli Clubine: Bizratings
00:21:37 Nadeem Azhar: Onenote and financials app
00:21:39 Craig Anderson, PCM: I have a pile a PDFs handed to me that I review in conjunction w/ myitp
00:21:43 Bob Tukin: Brightguage
00:21:48 Ashli Clubine: Bright Gauge
00:21:53 Derek Gabriel: Cloudradial, myvcio
00:22:02 Derek Gabriel: narmanda
00:22:26 Derek Gabriel: I'm still looking for a vCIO holy grail :D
00:22:57 Craig Anderson, PCM: i don't remote sessions with clients
00:23:05 Craig Anderson, PCM: i get yelled at when i do that
00:23:37 Derek Gabriel: I noticed a few Myitprocess checklist templates in ITGlue… are there plans to improve this?
00:23:44 Derek Gabriel: technicians never come into myitprocess
00:29:16 Derek Gabriel: those hunting expeditions... managing the configuration drift
00:30:46 Anya Perelyhina: @Derek What is needed to be improved?
00:31:13 Craig Anderson, PCM: i bet everyones workflow is different
00:31:30 Anya Perelyhina: These checklists can be used by everyone, no matter if they have login to MITP or not
00:31:37 Craig Anderson, PCM: i probably got moe detailed than i intended
00:31:48 Craig Anderson, PCM: but the details are where the software can help you or trip you up
00:31:56 Derek Gabriel: we're on the fairway
00:32:04 Brian S. Pauls: We build out the presentation itself in a separate presentation tool, rather than presenting out of MyITProcess.
00:32:16 Derek Gabriel: increase your amplitude
00:32:29 Craig Anderson, PCM: LOWER THE BOOM
00:32:32 Jorge Viveros: auto gain control
00:32:38 Craig Anderson, PCM: ENHANCE
00:32:43 Jorge Viveros: you can circle back to me
00:32:44 Derek Gabriel: microphones is a Rob problem tho
00:32:48 Brian S. Pauls: YOU WANT ME TO PUT THE BOOM DOWN?!!!
00:33:08 Rob Danser: Hey not anymore!
00:33:13 Bart Bushong: I have a light above my head - ideas and more ideas
00:33:29 Craig Anderson, PCM: all of my tickets bro
00:35:29 Craig Anderson, PCM: i'm not a fan of having to generate a "meeting" in order to generate a presentation of the roadmap (i don't use meeting mode)
00:35:40 Keala: I don't use the meeting mode either
00:36:00 Bart Bushong: I do not use the meeting mode
00:36:37 Brooke Smith: Derek its the only way they can improve - it's exactly what we ask our clients to do!
00:36:50 Craig Anderson, PCM: BANNED FOR LIFE
00:37:10 Bart Bushong: I like the options in strategic roadmap that allow me to click and make notes as I go over roadmap
00:38:37 Craig Anderson, PCM: ITGlue the company not ITGlue the product :)
00:38:43 Ashli Clubine: I miss the client overview report...it was really helpful when doing my month over month reports re: overall alignment improvements
00:38:48 Derek Gabriel: see someone who keeps a list! So my spirit animal
00:39:41 Keala: I'd like a way to flag if a new service is OPEX and recurring. I don't need to list it every month, just the first time when it's a new service.
00:40:09 Craig Anderson, PCM: second keala
00:42:47 Jeff LeClair: 3rd Keala
00:42:56 Derek Gabriel: same with PowerBI - we'd love to have client dashboards
00:43:34 Ashli Clubine: same here
00:44:35 Craig Anderson, PCM: alignment %s recommendations (including budget, status, initiative, etc) those would prolly be use ful in BG
00:44:47 Derek Gabriel: +1 +1 +1 API
00:46:02 Jeff LeClair: @craig, you've been eavesdropping on our dev meetings
00:48:00 Craig Anderson, PCM: i'd like to see some way to tie to my strategic roadmap recs to entities in CW Manae (like tickets, opportunities, and projects) i'd have to manually link them of course but once linked it would be a heckuva a lot easier to keep track othe quote or project that represents the real life work being done
00:48:25 Christian Gualdoni: I second that Craig. For me it is Autotask.
00:48:50 Keala: Same request as Craig but with Autotask
00:49:02 Derek Gabriel: where do alignment statuses live between reviews? Or do they only live in the snapshot of a review?
00:50:09 Craig Anderson, PCM: we se the meeting slideshow presentation as a pdf very heavily.. but oh man oh man is it brutal to have to drag and drop every individual rec into the meeting to generate that.. and thn if you need to alter it ..? off. how about some sort of multi-select interface and then "Add All"?
00:50:16 Blake Taravella: read my mind
00:50:59 Christian Gualdoni: Would be great to be able tie the meeting detail in myITprocess to an outlook invite.
00:51:17 Derek Gabriel: AAAAAMEEEEN @Christian
00:52:21 Craig Anderson, PCM: moving a swimming pool using a dixie cup :)
00:52:48 Ashli Clubine: I don't like having the client look at a screen, I like having all of their attention. they don't even get a copy of the agenda
00:52:56 Derek Gabriel: Also, having the option of the meeting pdf to be an auto generated powerpoint file would make presenting it a smidge easier for virtual meetings
00:53:11 Christian Gualdoni: I never us the presentation mode. My clients prefer a bullet point agenda.
00:53:32 Jorge Viveros: I don't use reports during the meetings, so not for me
00:53:42 Craig Anderson, PCM: i share my screen via zoom, but as mentiond, i ONLY present PDFs..
00:53:47 Derek Gabriel: Copy and paste into another file or just show different content. I mean only in a crazy perfect world would myitproess be the ONE place for reporting ;)
00:53:52 Keala: @christian same. Plus in person sharing a laptop screen is awkward and ruins the flow.
00:54:09 Brooke Smith: ConnectWise and Evernote
00:54:24 Christian Gualdoni: Autotask, Scalepad, one note
00:54:39 Brian S. Pauls: KnowBe4 IDAgent Automate
00:54:53 Hank Wiley: Autotask
00:55:49 Ashli Clubine: YES
00:55:54 Andy M. Dick/CompassMSP: IDAgent, KnowBe4
00:56:34 Blake Taravella: create ticket in BMS from MyITProcess :)
00:56:54 Jorge Viveros: Being able to resolve roadmap items based on ticket/project status
00:57:36 Ashli Clubine: Once ticket is closed - mark recommendation as complete in MITP
00:57:47 Bill Taylor: One thing I've heard from a lot of members but haven't seen here: When there are categories reviewed less frequently (i.e. - once every 6 months) and a project puts some questions in alignment, the questions still appear out of alignment even if they're in alignment by the next meeting. In other words, if vCIO meetings are quarterly it'll still appear out of alignment. I've heard that users want a way to show that those findings are back in alignment without having waiting 6 months, especially if the next vCIO meeting is 3 months out.
00:57:49 Christian Gualdoni: Askhi, I second that
00:57:53 Bill Taylor: Sorry for the book :)
00:58:42 Craig Anderson, PCM: inventories, trend reports, etc, copies of the agreement, a reconciliation report from accounting of the recent invoice changes, copies of any authorizations they signed, copy of the hold harmless (the nuclear option), csat report, a handful of security infographics.. i don't use every item every time, but i have them all ready
00:59:08 Jorge Viveros: Mark "completed" when the work is done. Payment is irrelevant
00:59:35 Jorge Viveros: From vCIO standpoint, my concern is whether the risk still exists. When risk is eliminated, item is "completed" on roadmap
01:00:36 Derek Gabriel: @Bill - this is what I experience, essentially there's no real-time view of alignment (that I'm aware of) alignment only exist in the lifecycle of a review.
01:01:21 Craig Anderson, PCM: agreed @jorge
01:01:54 Andy M. Dick/CompassMSP: Great points, Jorge
01:02:11 Craig Anderson, PCM: yeah my job isn't Payables ;)
01:02:23 Andy M. Dick/CompassMSP: Thanks to Rob, Jeff, Anya, fellow vCIOS!
01:02:25 Craig Anderson, PCM: or rather Receivables for us
01:02:38 Derek Gabriel: can we get SSO on the roadmap?
01:02:44 Brooke Smith: Thank you!!!
01:02:45 Christian Gualdoni: roll play. Bring the DnD dice

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