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00:07:06 Rob Danser: https://members.trumethods.com/event/trumethods-joins-it-glue/
00:07:34 Sara Geiser: Yea!
00:07:44 Dan Seafoot: congrats
00:09:28 Jared Belcher: I'll throw it out there to ruminate on - what role do you take as the vCIO to ensure or encourage other service delivery areas to collaborate more?
00:09:44 Jared Belcher: With each other rather than with vCIO
00:15:25 Rob Danser: Hey everyone we are talking about how vCIO's work with their teams during onboardings
00:15:33 Derek Gabriel: Happy Friday
00:16:45 DonR: Do you define a client as "on-boarded" when the client can be fully supported or when all the tools are installed?
00:17:17 Derek Gabriel: My team defines it as fully supported
00:17:38 Craig Anderson, PCM: "fully supported" is so hard to define
00:17:44 Derek Gabriel: And we have it outlined in our SOW
00:18:08 Derek Gabriel: so it's a contractual period
00:18:09 DonR: Fully supported meaning, calls coming to service desk and they get worked on
00:18:37 Craig Anderson, PCM: you can take calls and work on them day 1 if you want - you just may not be very good at working on them :)
00:18:50 Derek Gabriel: agree @DonR... seems pretty cut and dry?
00:19:46 Derek Gabriel: also agree @Craig - and that's what we define in our SOW - they can engage the helpdesk during onboarding, but the priorities are different
00:20:50 DonR: Thx @DerekG
00:21:12 Justin Smock: Somewhat yes
00:21:15 Derek Gabriel: not yet
00:21:31 Justin Smock: 2/3 of the process is dedicated
00:21:43 Michael Sylvester: Is Rob fading in and out to anyone else?
00:21:54 Neil Murray: @Michael, yes.
00:21:58 Craig Anderson, PCM: yes he is quiet and load
00:22:03 Craig Anderson, PCM: loud
00:22:07 Tom Sharp: @Michael - yes.
00:22:26 Michael Sylvester: TY, just making sure it isn't my side. :-)
00:22:26 Rob Danser: :-/
00:22:32 Neil Murray: @Craig: I hear that "quiet" isn't a typical descriptor for Rob.
00:22:41 Derek Gabriel: Rob is very plosive and his mic slaps him down
00:22:46 Rob Danser: that is 100% the truth
00:24:09 Tom Sharp: better
00:24:14 Derek Gabriel: 👍
00:24:15 Michael Sylvester: So far so good...
00:24:20 Craig Anderson, PCM: @neil that's what was so concerning
00:24:25 cody crowell: The way we onboard, we typically do a large overhaul, and only handled by a PM and/or Project Team
00:24:27 Dan Seafoot: Bajillionty.
00:28:11 Justin Smock: We have built out a CW Manage task list templated to use on every onboarding project.
00:31:27 jgiltner’s iPhone: Dance puppets dance!
00:31:48 Rob Danser: lol
00:36:50 Derek Gabriel: struck a nerve
00:36:51 Jared Belcher: Definitely noticed - let me know how you solve it
00:37:39 Jared Belcher: Does everyone use teams "chat" or teams "teams"?
00:37:47 Dan Seafoot: teams for quick questsions on items that have a quick decision… email if you really want a large discussion - or wan to outline a project.
00:37:57 Alex Tuñón: Teams & Channels
00:38:04 Craig Anderson, PCM: I want to use "teams" but i'm having a helluva time getting the company culture to switch away from "chat"
00:38:05 Derek Gabriel: I'm with @Alex
00:38:24 Derek Gabriel: yaaaaaaaaassss "Next Gen Collaboration Tools!"
00:38:24 Craig Anderson, PCM: even when we were on slack there was way too many adhoc chats/dms instead of channels
00:38:40 Alex Tuñón: The "chat" aspect of Teams is what makes many people want to throw it out the window eventually.
00:38:43 Jared Belcher: We do way too much in Teams Chat - and the search is abismal
00:39:37 Alex Tuñón: How it's used is the biggest indicator of its success or failure.
00:39:43 Craig Anderson, PCM: you HAVE to use threads
00:39:47 Derek Gabriel: Also... CRM
00:40:07 Michael Sylvester: I thought Teams had better searchability?
00:40:29 Craig Anderson, PCM: better but if your chats and threads and channels are a mess then better search doesn't help
00:40:32 Derek Gabriel: Teams and Channels are nice, because you can drop someone in today and they can go see the decision making process from periods in the past.
00:40:45 Jared Belcher: Michael - in my experience the search for chat is horrid
00:43:57 Derek Gabriel: Teams search isn't so horrible, unless all conversations are identical, then it's essentially useless. lol
00:45:24 Dan Seafoot: Totally Agree @Craig
00:45:36 Derek Gabriel: chats are great for conversations, but decisions and results of those need to be properly documented in the appropriate system
00:46:23 Derek Gabriel: @Craig, you can now click on a chat message in Teams and from the action menu choose "send to outlook" so you can just email yourself ;)
00:46:39 Michael Sylvester: @Derek, same here. For us, important data is documented in ConnectWise and email in ConnectWise.
00:46:55 Jared Belcher: @Derek that's a great feature - to send to outlook
00:47:19 Craig Anderson, PCM: @derek I need to check that out!!
00:47:24 Craig Anderson, PCM: did not know that
00:48:25 cody crowell: @Craig - Sounds like you wouldn’t like this feature, but you can also send from Outlook to Teams.
00:49:00 Alex Tuñón: Great feature Cody. One thing I haven't been able to do is send to private channels with that button.
00:49:00 Craig Anderson, PCM: @derek the decisions and results are a great reason why certain things I like in email - it's really easy to take an email slap the ticket # in the subject and forward it to a CW connector
00:49:03 Derek Gabriel: it's like Teams is the working space and official documentation is the final product - so in documentation systems are the standards and whatnot, and if you want to see how something came to exist, you could go find it in a channel chat
00:49:24 Dan Seafoot: I might have to hire Alex to be my Teams Champion :)
00:49:27 Caitlin Harder: I like that you can also save specific messages and you can get to them with using the shortcut /saved in the search bar and all of your saved messages come up. Especially if it's an action item. Once I complete it I unsave it.
00:49:35 Caitlin Harder: :) yes!!! That save button is a life savere
00:49:41 Derek Gabriel: And let's not mention the millions of add-ins
00:50:01 Derek Gabriel: I'm sure there's a remind me bot available in the teams app marketplace -
00:50:07 Craig Anderson, PCM: there are several
00:50:16 Craig Anderson, PCM: just haven't taken time to evaluate any
00:50:26 Derek Gabriel: and at any point someone could build a "MyITProcess" bot that can move a change message to a finding ;)
00:50:41 Derek Gabriel: *chat message
00:51:16 Craig Anderson, PCM: heh I definitely contribute to it. the owner still loves chats and dms and hates channels, i'm the opposite
00:51:25 Craig Anderson, PCM: also i'm stubborn
00:51:31 Derek Gabriel: Power Automate is my jam.. you can create a flow that triggers off many actions in Teams
00:51:41 cody crowell: @Alex - I just tested it and was able to send to Private Channel. I had never tried before.
00:52:21 Derek Gabriel: @Craig - There is even a flow template to send an email when a new message is added in Teams ;)
00:52:26 Dan Seafoot: Power Automate is very interesting - I need to get past the theory that it is awesome and learn to use it properly.
00:52:31 Derek Gabriel: https://us.flow.microsoft.com/en-us/galleries/public/templates/4289ec53edec430b8b760234bcc87267/send-an-email-when-a-new-message-is-added-in-microsoft-teams/
00:53:01 Craig Anderson, PCM: is there a flow that makes my boss use channels instead of chat? ;)
00:53:08 Derek Gabriel: we're using Power Automate to drive our CSAT/NPS surveys... it's very easy
00:53:33 Alex Tuñón: 👍🏼👍🏼
00:53:36 Derek Gabriel: lol@ Craig - possibly, a chat trigger that could copy a message to a channel ;)
00:53:38 Michael Sylvester: Jif channel?
00:53:38 Jared Belcher: Peanut butter channel?
00:53:46 Derek Gabriel: lol... smooth or cruncy?
00:53:53 Michael Sylvester: I prefer smooth
00:54:04 Craig Anderson, PCM: oh I also miss that in slack I could just type :+1: for a thumbs up.. and i'm still in the habit of typing that in teams but it never works lol
00:54:11 Andrew Millington: I know the inventor says "jif" but god it makes my ears bleed every time
00:54:12 Michael Sylvester: +1
00:54:22 cody crowell: We use Teams as our Phone System as well. Contemplating rolling that out to customers soon.
00:54:35 Derek Gabriel: windows key + period for emoji keyboard
00:54:59 Derek Gabriel: they you can type the name of the emoji.. press enter to type it in...
00:55:06 Jared Belcher: https://media.tenor.com/images/afe89ca21e7282462939d1e1f57406ab/tenor.gif

Here's the last gif from our "fun" channel
00:55:08 Michael Sylvester: @Derek, that doesn't work for me.
00:55:27 Derek Gabriel: mac user? lol.. or really old version of Windows?
00:55:35 Craig Anderson, PCM: @michael it should work in any Microsoft app - teams, outlook, word, etc
00:55:38 Michael Sylvester: lol, nah, Win10 Enterprise
00:55:52 Craig Anderson, PCM: you can even use emojis when you name your teams, channels, or calendar appintments, and so on
00:55:53 Michael Sylvester: Is it a feature that needs to be enabled?
00:55:54 Derek Gabriel: yes Power BI dashboards and reports embedded in Teams FTW!
00:56:18 Michael Sylvester: Oh, MS Apps only?
00:56:33 Jared Belcher: 👍
00:56:48 Derek Gabriel: no it's a general windows 10 feature, should be on by default... unless you're using LTSB, maybe it's not present there, IDK, now I'm curious
00:56:59 Jared Belcher: It's there still
00:57:18 Michael Sylvester: Yeah, doesn't work in Word for me either.
00:57:23 Craig Anderson, PCM: oh yeah how about that it does come up even here in zoom 🚀🚀
00:57:43 Derek Gabriel: 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
00:57:48 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: 😂
00:58:04 Jared Belcher: We've opened a can of emoji worms Rob - watch out!
00:58:14 Michael Sylvester: :-)
00:58:25 Derek Gabriel: BTW shortcut for thumbs up in Teams chat is (yes)
00:58:29 Michael Sylvester: That's all I can do... :-0
00:58:34 Craig Anderson, PCM: if you cant communicate in memes, gifs and emojies how do you know which stonks to short and which are 🚀 to the moon?
00:58:36 Derek Gabriel: if you hover mouse over Teams emojis, you get the parenthesis code
00:58:44 Rob Danser: https://members.trumethods.com/event/trumethods-joins-it-glue/
00:59:07 Jared Belcher: 🚀🚀🚀

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