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Chat Log 

00:14:28 Rob Danser: Hey Everyone who just joined- we are talking about how to recommend LOB applications.
00:14:46 Derek Gabriel: LOL, I'm so dumb, I was over on crowdcast and 10 minutes in, I'm like, wait, this isn't live... and it's the TAM call... :D
00:14:54 Rob Danser: hahahahha
00:15:52 Derek Gabriel: I blame my coffee maker, it broke this morning and I had to call tech support :( …
00:17:03 Odin Fuhrman: were they able to help you?
00:17:55 Rob Danser: Was "tech support" Starbucks?
00:18:09 Derek Gabriel: lol, they did help, they're sending me a new machine
00:18:21 Derek Gabriel: lol @ Rob, it was almost Dunkin'
00:18:45 Craig Anderson, PCM: Has anybody been successful in making the "research" portion into a repeatable, defined, billable project?
00:19:00 Derek Gabriel: though they made me do all the BS troubleshooting I did on my own... wamp wamp… turn it off and on lol, clean it... 20 minutes later, what color machine do I want, the one I have is no longer available - lesson: Don't buy a limited edition coffee maker :D
00:19:34 Derek Gabriel: @Craig - other than billing for time in the resulting project, no
00:20:56 J.Mac Brown: I have a proof of concept, validation 20 hour project going on now bc it hardware / MDM testing…. Based on the scope they provided.
00:21:30 Derek Gabriel: but I like that idea of charging for research, however, I think that's part of the chocolate cake? …
00:22:32 Derek Gabriel: ok, yeah, that's totally a project and billable
00:24:39 Derek Gabriel: I think if it's something that's super specific for a business, it's project billing - and if we don't bill up front, we pad hours on the final project to cover it.... and if it's research for something that is useful across industries and we can use it for other customers, I classify it as learning for our team
00:25:00 Craig Anderson, PCM: MONETIZED that was the word I was looking for.. not "projectized" :)
00:28:40 Derek Gabriel: Whiskey
00:43:01 Bart Bushong: How are you breaking down your standards completed in month / quarter by the TAM
00:43:09 Derek Gabriel: I finished my mini-mba program... peer groups... podcasts... books.. TruMethods... ;)
00:44:13 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: Podcasts and books definitely
00:44:15 Jared Belcher: Podcasts, conferences/webinars, whitepapers and blog posts.
00:44:38 Bill Mills: This meeting!
00:44:39 Jared Belcher: CTN Podcasts
00:45:26 Odin Fuhrman: @Bill Yes! this meeting!!!
00:45:36 Rob Danser: Any good ones on the podcasts?
00:45:37 Alex Tuñón: "This meeting!" 100% agree.
00:45:53 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: Podcasts - Cyberwire Daily, Hacking Humans
00:46:08 Bill Mills: Podcast recommendation: Darknet Diaries
00:46:37 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: Internet Storm Center has a good podcast too but I forget the name
00:46:50 J.Mac Brown: Billable mini-MBA that is my next quote for the Design Desk.
00:47:19 Rob Danser: hahaha
00:47:27 Robert Macalino: Rutgers Exit 11
00:47:35 Rob Danser: :-)
00:48:28 Odin Fuhrman: https://www.cisecurity.org/resources/?type=post https://www.cisa.gov/ https://thehackernews.com/ https://members.trumethods.com/ :)
00:49:17 Derek Gabriel: perfect J.Mac … I can tell you the ROI on $3500 is going to be fantastic ;)
00:49:20 Rob Danser: https://www.coursera.org/
01:01:56 J.Mac Brown: Just got a really nice v.1 draft for “Software Selection/Discovery Process” client facing document per my teams work on this problem and partial answer to the original question I posed at top of the meeting. You can email me if this may interest you. jbrown@affinitytechpartners.com


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