3/31: TAM All Stars


Go to 25:05 to hear JP's process for what constitutes TAM work versus project work.


Do any TAMs have project management responsibilities?

On Average, what amount of time do the TAMS in this group spend fixing findings from their reviews?
nooo. he was talking about the heroes on your wall

Did we bring down their site?

the nice thing is if you do come in late or miss a session, access to the replay is instantaneous
If you are registered, it will send you an email with a 10 minute reminder
we're excited for it too, yay, progress and growth!

Man, I want to talk about scopes as well.

TAMs attend a CAB meeting to direct Design Desk. PS executes and SD follows up when things are missed. DD builds scope.

I do project management when we create a new best practice for all clients to ensure proper adoption

We have 10 people as part of my company and our project manager is our professional services lead.

Is that a scheduled meeting or done as an email for each individual item?

It becomes a project when it passes 2.5 times the standard deviation

Woah. That's different.
I can back him up. Our "projects" can vary from client to client.

Very jealous of that system.

How are other TAMs avoiding burnout? I'm starting to become fatigued with running through MyITProcess reviews for the same 30 clients over and over without much changing. Lack of change can be due to lack of vCIO progress, or the remediations not being done in time. 


Once I have the review done, I go back and pick the low-hanging fruit. Anything else becomes a ticket.

We prioritize Remediation over the review if needed. Sometimes, we can do a review remotely, but remediations are mostly onsite. Any remediation, or ticket work other than review has to be documented even if it is 5 minutes. This helps the vCIO understand what time is being used by what he is asking. The tickets then get brought up during the Quarterly review to show value to the client.

Yup, get the review done, then fix what you can.

For repairs, it depends on the fix. If it's a simple fix, I do it right then. If it'll detract me from the assessment too much it becomes a ticket that goes into a remediation queue to be looked at later.

Just don't do anything that generates tickets for the help desk.

used to do that. Then those tickets keep falling back on me. Now I open tickets for everything and let the other teams deal with it. It was taking me way too long to do reviews.

EXACTLY! I feel like it's almost worse that we know of an issue and don't do anything about it.

Also, we have a weekly meeting with the other TAMS and track how many tickets are opened and how long they have been

We've started discussions around metrics. One metric we are considering tracking is how may questions we flip from a no to a yes; point being if we aren't making the changes to get the client in line, what's the point.


Thanks, I will implement a Ticket Review into our Weekly Tam meetings to start identifying remediation.

On the topic of audits taking a long time to complete, how many TAMs are using something like Liongard to help? We're currently looking at the tool, but curious how many others utilize it.

THANKS GUYS, really, simple answers that I think will really help us out!

You could track and compare Alignment Reports.

Our Answer to that question, if I understand right, is to make sure the 'Why we are asking' part of the questions are filled out

Us, We use and love liongard.

We looked at Liongard in the past and passed on it. It was all IT and no Glue at the time. Now we are looking at it again.

Love liongard - don't love their existing ITglue integration they have, but Liongard definitely helps catalog information and has new extremely flexible reporting

Azure Security will do stuff on the endpoints, ITGlue will do a bunch of your client documentation through the myglue product

Love Liongard as a TAM noob, I use it for everything. AD scrapping pulls down all data for users and computers, integrates into DUO / Office365 / everything for user management and a big fan of it.

If you put a gun to my head and said you can only have 3 major tools, Liongard would be on my list.
It's basically the automation of questions to alert you if something is outside of threshold you set. We DO have questions to verify that our alerts are working.
There are other products that do this as well, including powershell, RMM tools, etc.

No lies, Liongard collects data, doesn't just catalog it - so anyone that compares Liongard to running powershell scripts or using just ITglue doesn't understand the product ;)

Liongard is nothing but PowerShell scripts. The value is in me not having to write them.

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