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00:07:24 Craig Anderson, PCM: nerd it up
00:08:41 Craig Anderson, PCM: somebody forgot to call digsafe
00:11:38 Craig Anderson, PCM: I can tell you I *wish* I had all my dashboards from before I changed jobs - because I cant remember them well enough to rebuild from scratch
00:16:28 Rob Danser: I dunno if this is something that's useful but my google fu came up with this https://support.brightgauge.com/hc/en-us/articles/360030636092-User-Showcase-Creating-a-Service-Library-with-Public-Gauges-Video
00:18:03 Jeff Fulton: https://support.brightgauge.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039989432-Dashboard-Report-Templates-with-Buildout-Keys
00:19:56 Bob Talley: I'm curious what certifications vCIOs in this group might have? Our company is pushing personal development (continuing education, training, certifications, etc...) and we're wondering what certifications could best benefit our vCIO team. Note, none of our vCIOs have technical backgrounds.
00:20:25 Jeff Fulton: DRII.org for BCP
00:21:12 FORREST: ITIL
00:21:55 Derek Gabriel: MBA
00:22:07 DonR: Always ITIL
00:22:35 Jeff Fulton: Certs from our vendors, Like Dell, MS, SonicWall, etc.
00:23:23 DonR: Business acumen gained from MBA is good to have, especially if you were promoted through the technical ranks
00:24:02 Jeff Fulton: Six Sigma
00:24:08 DonR: LinkedIn Learning
00:24:17 Stephen Kellogg: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2021-frsecure-cissp-mentor-program-tickets-136338180167
00:26:09 Derek Gabriel: I'll put this right here... it's Rutgers Mini-MBA for Engineers and Technology Managers: https://www.business.rutgers.edu/executive-education/engineers-technology-managers
00:27:03 Derek Gabriel: Understand how to align technical outcomes with broader organizational goals. Demonstrate more multidisciplinary leadership that balances technological experience with business management. -- Kind of sounds like the trumethods program ;)
00:28:16 Jeff Fulton: Dale Carnegie
00:28:42 Craig Anderson, PCM: oh yeah dale carnegi books are good
00:29:04 Jeff Fulton: The in person classes are great
00:31:34 Derek Gabriel: Nice, Jeff
00:31:36 DonR: Good one Jeff!!!!
00:33:37 Craig Anderson, PCM: Upstream by Dan Heath is really good and very relavwnt to what we do
00:33:44 Craig Anderson, PCM: relevant
00:37:25 DonR: I just transitioned from TAM to vCIO and the vCIO Handbook and getting involved early in client strategy (roadmap) helped out a lot
00:37:43 Maryann Efaw: https://members.trumethods.com/step/trumethods-vcio-training-manual/
00:37:50 Maryann Efaw: https://members.trumethods.com/step/virtual-cio-advanced-standardization-guide/
00:37:56 Maryann Efaw: https://members.trumethods.com/step/vcio-playbook/
00:38:12 Jeff Fulton: Shadow your current vCIO till comfortable
00:38:42 Jeff Fulton: Start on smaller clients
00:39:34 Phil Neuman: Where is the vCIO handbook located?
00:39:41 DonR: You also have to be more of a leader for your internal stakeholders as well (can't only be client facing).
00:40:45 Maryann Efaw: They are in the Members Portal under the Resources tab. Scroll down to the Service Delivery area. I provided the links to both above as well as the vCIO playbook.
00:41:12 Derek Gabriel: I would think the transition would be easy with new clients that don't know the person as a TAM...
00:42:01 FORREST: kind of subtle but when I switched from Net Admin to VCIO, I changed the way I dressed.
00:42:19 DonR: Good answer Forrest!
00:42:23 Derek Gabriel: Dress for the job you want?
00:42:27 Jeff Fulton: good point
00:44:44 Jeff Fulton: too handsome
00:46:36 Bob Talley: Tony's helped us immensely!

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