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00:02:20 Don Rogers: Gooood Afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!
00:04:58 Rob Danser: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/5862248962411505936
00:08:01 Craig Anderson: I seem to only be able to make every other meeting anyway, BUT if you went bi-weekly then I would either make it to EVERY meeting or NO meetings... depending on which weeks they fell on :)
00:08:28 Brooke Smith: Welcome Rebeccah!
00:09:13 Craig Anderson: It's partially a business decision - how firm do you want to be. You could do a "hold harmless" letter
00:10:43 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: That's a good idea
00:11:52 Jorge: First step is to inform them of the risk, in concrete terms. Describe what would happen in the event of a failure. Which services would be unavailable, what solutions would be available, how long would it take to implement those solutions
00:12:02 Jorge: timelines are important, and sending it in writing is even more so
00:13:07 Stephen Harris: Jorge beat me to it but the risk analysis is the way to go, present that and let the business make that decision
00:13:09 David Johnson: Needs to be written, included in their quarterly review, emailed as well, so that you have a paper trail. They will forget all about the scenario if they have an outage.
00:13:42 Brooke Smith: paper trail FOR SURE
00:13:56 David Johnson: Great point, Robert! Use their language.
00:14:17 Brooke Smith: Excellent point - use their own analogies
00:15:03 David Johnson: They will definitely blame you, thus the paper trail :)
00:18:11 David Johnson: In our Ideal Client Profile, we specifically exclude healthcare practices with only 1 or 2 doctors. Not sure why, but they typically are the ones that don't want to spend on IT.
00:21:10 Craig Anderson: This question should be in the Big Book of VCIO Challenges
00:21:20 Jorge: ^^
00:24:09 Brooke Smith: That's the WORST game of telephone EVER! I feel for you Rebeccah!
00:26:38 Craig Anderson: lawyers too.. they are usually busy billing and you don't get directly to them as often
00:26:50 Brooke Smith: ^^ YUP
00:27:09 Jorge: Doctors and Laywers are so challenging because there is big ego that comes with the position. (generalizing)
00:27:37 Brooke Smith: VENMO Br22ke --- LOL
00:29:50 David Johnson: CPAs can be bad too, if they do a lot of tax work, crazy expectations during tax season
00:30:02 Craig Anderson: I don't disagree persay Jorge, but remember that many times in their business models, revenue is directly tied to how they use their time - which is a bit different than how other business owners operate
00:31:45 Ian Thomson: we’ve done it
00:31:53 Neil Murray: what Jorge says
00:32:01 Curt Dueck: exactly last ditch
00:32:16 Neil Murray: depends on the relationship and their desire to work as a team.
00:32:41 Jeff Shelton: We usually say, "We'll continue to provide standard admin on the thing, but when it breaks, we'll be billing emergency rates to get you back up."
00:34:13 Cameron W: Hey guys I gotta leave early.
00:34:18 Cameron W: Thanks for answering my question
00:34:21 Rob Danser: BYE!
00:35:48 Jorge: Another question for the big book of vCIO questions
00:36:58 Brooke Smith: I don't usually show up until 90 days post onboarding BUT I am involved in the background and CC'd on emails so the client is aware that I exist. My conact details are also included in the OB paperwork.
00:37:45 Jorge: At what point to do you mean the client?
00:37:52 Jorge: meet*
00:38:18 Brooke Smith: We do a "90 day post OB" meet the first quarterly meeting if you will
00:38:26 Stephen Harris: I try to get in as early as possible.
00:39:26 Adam Lacross: Introduce all the players in a kick off meeting/call.. vCIO does periodic check-ins throughout the project.
00:39:31 Brooke Smith: Remember though I am NOT technical so there is little I can help/offer to my team - so I am looking at the business as a whole - research their business apps finding out who their competitors are etc
00:41:08 Stephen Harris: If all the players are introduced early and all the roles are clearly defined you set the tone early as to who does what. I always stress that I'm their strategic partner and their advocate.
00:46:54 Stephen Harris: Can't recommend what you don't know
00:47:30 Dan Seafoot: I'm love onboarding myself to their company - I love talking about their business and how they do it. The relationship bonus is huge.
00:47:53 Jorge: Depends on what is included as "onboarding"
00:48:21 Brooke Smith: We have a team - 1 TAM, 1 Centralized Service, Operations Manager, and 1 admin -- then vCIO
00:48:36 Craig Anderson: TAM does boots on the ground initial agents and documentation, Pro Services deploys installs BDR/Firewall, CS does remaining deployments remotely
00:48:50 Brooke Smith: Project Team is brought in by the TAM if we discover any "911's"
00:49:20 Joe Giltner: TAMs install Agents and gather initial Network information for us.
00:55:33 Stephen Harris: Plus if you have that one day the TAM's are in the office it gives us a chance to connect with them as well.
00:58:56 Craig Anderson: -Onboarding -How to Convince Difficult Clients?
01:00:12 Brooke Smith: -Client Canvasing
01:00:30 Christian Gualdoni: Rob, can you send me your email. For some reson I cant find it
01:00:59 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: Have a great weekend all!
01:01:14 Brooke Smith: -Any listservs you might be signed up for (dept. of health, dept of finance, homeland security etc.
01:01:24 Rebeccah Goforth: Have a SAFE weekend,

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