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00:14:25 Jared Belcher: Our account manager does our design desk and quoting as well...
00:18:25 Jeff Fulton: Revenue, Seats, Complexity, compliance factors into what a vCIO can handle
00:24:36 David Wallach: Hi all, I am a new vCIO in NY Metro having spent almost 30 years as CIO/CISO/VPIT so this is a new chapter. We merged two companies just before I joined and we are fleshing out these roles now. Glad to be here and listening for any and all information and advice. Just about to setup first proposal but have been helping out on some large corporate accounts. All new software and acronyms for me since I rarely used MSP's before but saw the model as a more compelling service within the last 5 years.
00:25:03 Rob Danser: Welcome David!
00:25:17 Brooke (she/her) Smith: WELCOME!!! You will learn a LOT here.
00:25:41 Derek Gabriel: this call is funny for us smaller bizs… being both the vCIO and TAM, means I have a lot of meetings with myself ;)
00:27:01 David Wallach: Thanks all! What is the average # of staff in your MSP's?
00:27:20 Jorge Viveros: around 30
00:27:35 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: @Derek - agreed. I've become very well versed in carrying on both sides of a conversation with myself
00:27:48 Craig Anderson, PCM: @brooke 4 vcios and 3 tams?
00:27:54 Brad Link: I hear you Derek. I am currently VCIO, TAM, Design Desk, and some Sales.
00:28:00 Derek Gabriel: I do end up talking to the service desk more than I would like, but hey, we're growing.
00:28:31 Derek Gabriel: we're knocking on the door of hiring our first official TAM<
00:28:38 Brooke (she/her) Smith: 3 network admins yes vCIO 3 and a 4th only manages 2 larger accounts
00:28:55 Jared Belcher: 1 vCIO and 2 Tams here. Just implementing vCIO - I'm taking it from the CEO right now!
00:30:36 Neil Murray: 1 vCIO and 1 1/2 TAMs here. We're in the middle of those growth stages where there seems to be too much pull on vCIO to follow up with SD, etc. While there was time for that a year ago, it's difficult to retrain SD staff that they have to escalate through other roles.
00:30:44 Jeff Fulton: 37 staff total, 4 TAMs, 4.5 vCIOs
00:30:48 J.Mac Brown: 18 employees, 1.3vCIOs, 2.25 TAMs, outsourced Design Desk just started in January. Game changer in properly quoting work financially and in terms of good work plans
00:31:19 Don Rogers: 2 vCIOs (still doing sales) and 1 TAM
00:32:26 Jared Belcher: @J.Mac I'm curious how you've implemented the outsourced design desk.
00:33:09 J.Mac Brown: https://projectfuelnow.com/design-desk-fuel/
00:33:20 David Wallach: Yes @J.Mac I'm curious too about Design Desk in general
00:34:17 Craig Anderson, PCM: I can share on that too
00:38:05 Craig Anderson, PCM: @JMac your technical team looks at the proposals first? man I need to get y team doing that so they stop telling me about the problems AFTER the client signed it
00:38:33 Jorge Viveros: haha I've been there
00:39:09 Jeff Fulton: ConnectWise Sell for us
00:40:00 Craig Anderson, PCM: I have a feature reqyuest out thre somewhere about having an integration between MYITP roadmap and CW Manage Opportunities
00:40:14 Brooke (she/her) Smith: So do I Craig! LOL
00:40:38 Jorge Viveros: Yeah MITP > Opportunities would be great
00:40:47 Robert Macalino: Open API
00:42:40 Craig Anderson, PCM: oh oh oh how about tags at the question level instead of the category? :) :) :)
00:42:47 J.Mac Brown-Affinity, Nashville: @Craig, yes… they were complaining about the results and Project team breaking “their environments” so we built a CW workflow that when Howard completes proposal, 3 CW activities kick off and they have 24 hours to get it reviewed and post their feedback.
00:43:10 Jorge Viveros: +1 for tags at question level
00:43:11 J.Mac Brown-Affinity, Nashville: One for vCIO, Project Team and TAM
00:44:49 Derek Gabriel: who doesn't have a clue what that is?
00:45:03 Neil Murray: We're just starting. Last night was our second one.
00:45:09 Warren Ksiez: Yes we use EOS
00:45:28 Brooke (she/her) Smith: @derek -- no worries that's why we are here! You'll get someone to chat EOS
00:45:36 Don Rogers: Verne Harnish
00:45:58 Jeff Fulton: A level 10 meeting is a weekly check-in meeting with your leadership team, where attendees develop a strategy that they can hold themselves and their team accountable to. These team meetings are principally dedicated to solve issues and create an issues list of items that require attention.
00:46:27 Derek Gabriel: ahhh Verne - I'm familiar with the gazelles and scaling up, apparently I haven't paid close enough attention
00:46:39 Neil Murray: It's available as an audiobook.
00:48:08 Craig Anderson, PCM: https://www.amazon.com/Get-Grip-Everything-Entrepreneurial-Business/dp/1939529824/ref=asc_df_1939529824/?tag=bingshoppinga-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=&hvpos=&hvnetw=o&hvrand=&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4583795260940151&psc=1
00:48:49 Brooke (she/her) Smith: I have questions for anyone who uses SOPHOS -- if you're available to answer me in an email? brooke@synchronet.net
00:50:16 Don Rogers: Brooke, sent you an email!
00:51:12 Craig Anderson, PCM: @brooke Sophos what? firewalls? antivirus? etc? I have a fair amount of experience from my last job.. yyou have my email :)
00:51:36 Bart Bushong: We have a 2 person team that is responsible for RMM and behind the scenes process. I will often grab a report from them that give us automate man hours that go on behind the scenes. Clients like to hear some of this - I do not really go over technical of this with them.
00:51:39 Brooke (she/her) Smith: hardware mostly at this point firewalls to begin -- I'll send you an email Craig
00:52:01 Brooke (she/her) Smith: Got it @Don TY I will respond
00:54:19 Jeff Fulton: mspcfo.com for that data too
00:55:08 Alex Densmore: https://trumethods.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/1500000510621-Request-for-road-map-integration
00:56:00 Craig Anderson, PCM: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenkellogg/
00:57:13 Bart Bushong: we took the Rock idea and rebranded to Gems - Gems are way more fun then Rocks. All in the name - design desk :)
00:57:36 Matt Harvey - Stepping Forward Technolgy: I like that!
00:57:50 Warren Ksiez: bye everyone

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