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Chat Log 


00:28:04 Derek Gabriel: It's nice to have that third party validation
00:29:39 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: Ahahah -- Windows 10 ran update and broke my camera... TRUE STORY
00:30:28 Rob Danser: A Windows update breaking peripherals that NEVER happens
00:30:43 William Schmitt: HA
00:30:50 Jeff Fulton: She's just having a bad hair day
00:33:02 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: haha Jeff if only! the one day that I had a zillion video calls scheduled an Im the tech lady who has broken stuff LOL it's been a day
00:34:38 Derek Gabriel: manufacturing, right, almost always to satisfy a larger client
00:35:46 Jeff Fulton: And the upstream company just sends the 500 page form without even thinking, and they can check the box
00:36:03 Craig Anderson, PCM: EXACTLY
00:37:19 Derek Gabriel: We've partnered with an insurance underwriter and that's driving a level of compliance for all of our customers.
00:37:29 Jorge Viveros: I've seen a huge increase in cyber-security insurance questionnaires in recent months
00:37:32 Jeff Fulton: Same here
00:38:17 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: Cybersecurity insurance is going to be the most popular driver for "compliance" in the next couple years
00:38:34 Derek Gabriel: 💯 @Marc
00:38:48 Stephen Kellogg: Agreed!
00:39:06 Dan Seafoot: I've had a couple of my clients ask about it
00:40:39 Derek Gabriel: I think this underscores the benefits of "being compliant" and "having compliance" … you can meet or exceed something like SOC without having the certificate that says you're certified.
00:44:09 Derek Gabriel: I think it's safe to say like 90% of all compliance requirements overlap. So if you've got a string security baseline, you're almost there.
00:44:35 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: Has anyone dealt with clients that you know fall under some sort of compliance requirement but refuse to do anything about it?
00:44:46 Jeff Fulton: Yes indeed
00:44:47 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: @marc - YES
00:45:46 Derek Gabriel: We run into that with @Marc, most frequently around HIPAA
00:46:51 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: We document the advice and then "client expressed understanding"
00:47:28 Andrew Millington: Need to get "vCIO's Lament" on a somehow nerdier Sea Shanty TikTok
00:48:05 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: @Andrew - should it just be named "vCIO's Lament"?
00:48:16 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: The TikTok I mean
00:48:40 Derek Gabriel: Really busy is the target
00:48:53 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: 100% Mattew
00:48:53 Derek Gabriel: lol, ahhh, the ignorant
00:49:44 Dan Seafoot: Had resistance to adding Azure P2 to an O365 client... brought it up at 3 quarterlies, no movement. Flashed them a company in the same vertical that got breached. Accepted within the hour.
00:49:54 Andrew Millington: @Marc "What-do-you-get-when-you're-not-compli-ant"
00:49:56 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: We also know that is a client we may not keep
00:50:01 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: YEAH Jorge!
00:50:04 Andrew Millington: sung to the tune of "drunken sailor"
00:50:21 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: hahah GENIUS Andrew
00:50:36 Rob Danser: I just sung that in my head
00:50:39 Rob Danser: thanks for that
00:50:41 Derek Gabriel: Can relate... we recently walked into an Exchange 2003 environment.
00:50:52 William Schmitt: @Rob.... same
00:51:13 Craig Anderson, PCM: "sign a hold harmless to they listen, sign a hold harmless till they listen"
00:51:27 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: I like the term "technical maturity" and whether the prospect values it
00:51:40 Robert Macalino: technical maturity .... very nice . Eliminates technical debt
00:51:45 Matthew Harvey: Yes, I agree
00:52:01 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: Love that "technical maturity"
00:53:24 Derek Gabriel: third party verification and compliance certification will first be a differentiator, and eventually a requirement in our industry to be a successful MSP.
00:56:36 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: we do BAA when asked
00:57:31 Matthew Harvey: As I understand it, a BAA also protects the MSP. So there’s no reason not to have a BAA.
00:57:39 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: hahaha yikes but also great ide
00:57:41 Brooke !!Go Bills!! Smith: a
00:58:08 Derek Gabriel: That's a great idea, internal vCIO meeting, I'll remember that when we hire next time
00:59:56 Craig Anderson, PCM: the carpenter's house is never finished and the cobblers children go barefoot
01:00:34 Dan Seafoot: I'm new to vCIO - doing the internal vCIO meetings are WAY harder than some of my clients

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