10/19: vCIO All Stars



Chat Log 


00:06:31 Dan Seafoot: Anyone have a dev client they want me to take on?
00:06:32 Sara Geiser: OMG...this is so true!
00:07:23 Bob Borges: Software developers "love" when we push out patches!
00:13:03 Jeff Fulton: aweeee
00:13:15 Rob Danser: RIGHT?
00:13:56 Jeff Fulton: a good analogy goes a long way
00:14:52 Jeff Fulton: An educated client is the best client
00:24:32 Jeff Fulton: I do whiteboard a lot and draw it out to help in understanding
00:24:40 Rob Danser: I love that
00:25:54 Jeff Fulton: We let one go that was like that
00:26:35 Neil Murray: I've seen that a lot. People that are technical on other areas don't always like to hear that there's room for improvement, especially when there's lots of it.
00:26:45 Jeff Fulton: everybody has to be a domain admin
00:27:53 Jeff Fulton: We burn a lot of hours proving it's not our FW, AV, Etc.
00:28:41 Jeff Fulton: Owner
00:29:21 Joshua Bristol: I have another meeting, but great stuff
00:31:53 Jeff Fulton: Very interesting, not just $$s
00:35:33 Michael: It's important to have the right customer that is in line with what you're trying to do for them.
00:35:38 Jeff Fulton: Oh God, Rob is right?
00:35:53 Rob Danser: a busted clock is right 2x a day jeff
00:37:00 breid: At what point do you fire problem clients?
00:37:20 Jeff Fulton: When you are losing money
00:37:38 Jeff Fulton: over a period of course
00:37:52 Andrew Millington: "opportunity cost"
00:42:40 Jeff Fulton: Sometimes the client is too small, was not priced right, and you can't increase it.
00:45:23 Jeff Fulton: yikes, never had that, thank goodness
00:45:46 Dan Seafoot: it removes the Triangulation of their needs by making them talk to each other
00:45:47 Jorge: I have a similar one. The partners hate each other and will turn down recommendations to spite each other
00:46:13 Andrew Millington: That's some profound dedication to toxicity
00:46:30 Andrew Millington: I almost admire it haha
00:46:31 Rob Danser: RIGHT!
00:49:50 Jorge: This feels borderline therapeutic
00:50:12 Rob Danser: seriously
00:50:26 Rob Danser: I think Katrina said it perfectly!
00:51:23 Haris.Michael: I think our TAMs use CheckLists in MyITProcess
01:00:01 breid: Good stuff. Have a great weekend
01:00:06 Whitney Mason: thanks for your feedback y'all

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