10/9: vCIO All Stars


Chat Log 


00:02:00 Dan Seafoot: Hello vCIO Allstars!
00:18:57 Bradford Link: Do you guys ask for Referrals in your meetings, if so, How do you bring it up?
00:19:47 Brooke Smith: We ask for a google review and I hand them a How To Leave a Google Review document
00:20:58 ArtM: we use an incentive. If they refer us and we get a new client as a result, they get a credit from us.
00:22:43 J.Mac Brown: What was that ‘North Star Metric’ you cited Rob?
00:22:49 Rob Danser: MRR
00:22:57 J.Mac Brown: Thanks
00:23:27 Rob Danser: 3,500 to 4k MRR generally = a Steering meeting every qtr.
00:24:26 Ian Thomson: If you are only meeting once per quarter, what do some of your other touch points with clients look, like, and how frequently are you reaching out by phone/email outside of QBRs?
00:25:13 Jorge: @Ian for me it depends on what's going on with that customer. Everybody always has "mini-projects" going on. Usually, my check-ins will be to check progress ont hose
00:28:35 J.Mac Brown: What is the average $ value of the referral credit?
00:31:09 J.Mac Brown: TruMethods Playbook:Playbook–Actual vCIO Mtgs (5 Weekly)
Playbook–Unique Client Touches (10 Weekly)
Playbook–Escalated Issues (5 Weekly)
Playbook–Budgets Completed (2 Weekly)
Playbook–Proposals Completed (5 Weekly)
00:32:00 Brooke Smith: 100%
00:35:49 Chuck: exactly!
00:39:19 Justin Smock: Scheduled weekly or every other week calls/video calls. Typically less than 30 minutes
00:39:39 Bradford Link: Thanks everyone - That was great information - We are a small shop, so Sales is definitely part of my role and referrals are in my opinion the best way to grow our business.
00:43:58 Brooke Smith: https://www.canvasgeneration.com/canvas/business-model-canvas-2/
00:44:27 Rob Danser: I LOVE CANVASING!
00:49:23 Dan Seafoot: This one is really nice Brooke - thanks for the link - I love that you can just click on it and write notes
00:56:41 DonR: thanks rob

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