8/7: vCIO All Stars


Chat Log 

00:03:37 Rob Danser: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/2094288584035512079
00:06:29 Jason Montville: Not something I've got first hand experience with … but SolarWinds does (or did at one point) certify FIPS compliance
00:07:44 DonR: Is this CJIS req for a Police Department?
00:07:47 john bannister: https://support.solarwinds.com/SuccessCenter/s/article/Enable-FIPS-for-compliance?language=en_US
00:08:08 Joe Giltner: https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/about-us/press/press-releases/agents-solarwinds-key-msp-products-now-comply-high-security-benchmark
00:19:50 Dan Seafoot: We had a few clients get purchased before I joined our organization. They both left, I'm not sure we got a chance to chat with the new ownership.
00:20:41 Bill Mills: Close new customers faster than you lose them.
00:20:47 Dan Seafoot: My thought - I have other customers to take care of, losing one leaves a bad feeling but we have to be real and move along sometimes.
00:21:15 Craig Anderson: Close new clients at the right price for the right reasons :)
00:26:19 Rob Danser: @bill- speaking my language!
00:30:32 Dan Seafoot: we use sessions (touches)
00:30:47 Brooke Smith: hgahaha I would argue EVEYRTHING you do is sales.
00:30:49 Dan Seafoot: myITp reviews greater than 7 days old
00:32:52 Keala Asato: We also have a metric for escalated issues, which are reactive things that boil up to the vCIO from engineering. Most of my reactive noise is in this number.
00:42:11 Mike Esposito: it's hard saying to your colleagues
00:42:22 Mike Esposito: hard saying no* to your colleagues
00:45:34 Brooke Smith: Gotta run - have a great weekend!!
00:45:40 Rob Danser: Bye Brooke
00:46:00 Odin Fuhrman: I'm going to go get ready for a 3PM meeting. have a nice weekend!
00:55:37 Jorge: @Rob - I have a hard stop because Manchester City is still in the Champions League ;)


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