vCIO Allstars 9/3 Emotional Intelligence


Chat Log

00:08:54 Jared Belcher: Camera's on so you can see me eat!
00:09:07 brandi: me too
00:10:32 Craig Anderson, PCM: I am cringing
00:12:41 Erin O'Donnell: Agreed. A single point of failure that impacts all of your customer base like that is a serious no-go.
00:14:36 Derek Gabriel: you lost me at emotional
00:14:49 Ray Chamberland: I can't speak for other RMM Tools but Automate does allow you to SSH/Telnet using the built in Tools. Connect to a machine on-site and choose from the Tools menu.
00:18:32 Jen Marcenaro: I like that one too lol
00:19:19 Derek Gabriel: This sounds way too complicated... (jk)
00:21:31 Derek Gabriel: Good observation skills
00:21:43 Rob Danser:
00:22:20 Craig Anderson, PCM: DISC, Meyers-Briggs, Predictive Index, etc :)
00:23:05 Erin O'Donnell: I have actually found the CVI to be most eye-opening. Disc and Meyers-Briggs are easier to manipulate.
00:23:55 Derek Gabriel: Also, this is why we need more women in IT
00:26:51 Craig Anderson, PCM: some of the environments I walk into are outdated enough an archaeology degree might be helpful
00:27:01 Erin O'Donnell: 😆
00:27:02 Brooke Smith: Me too!!!
00:27:07 Jorge: lol
00:27:17 Brooke Smith: Relationship!!!
00:28:17 Brooke Smith: I’m a Psychology and Philosophy Major!! ZERO tech training!
00:28:30 Craig Anderson, PCM: i have trouble doing both at the same time
00:28:57 Jen Marcenaro: Whoops sorry Russell!
00:29:49 Jorge: so you went for the "sane" job of IT...
00:35:24 Jen Marcenaro: OOO sign me up! I just joined an executive women's cigar club LOL
00:35:25 Brooke Smith: WoooHoo!! 😉
00:35:36 Jennifer Berry: That'll be awesome!
00:36:31 Derek Gabriel: Sharing is caring
00:36:47 Craig Anderson, PCM: theres a really good point there Russell in how it's about them and their world i feel like a pendulum sometimes in that i'm either completely about them, reacting to what they are asking for or complaining about, or I've swung the other way and trying to make sure I've gotten all our recommendations in front of them to avoid the "why didn't you tell us about this problem" i'm not great at striking a balance in between
00:37:14 Erin O'Donnell: in the contact profile in Manage and "Notes" about the person
00:37:16 Jen Marcenaro: I just add notes in the section in ConnectWise
00:37:39 Brooke Smith: “DNA” nite in Evernote. Has all pertinent 411 about owner/dec. maker and my POC
00:37:44 Brooke Smith: *note
00:38:48 Jen Marcenaro: Also, if I learn something really helpful about a POC, such as a way they communicate better, I email our support team as a helpful tip. I'll always speak at one of their team meetings if I learn helpful relationship pointers. I always hit these topics when onboarding a new client with our support team.
00:38:48 Russell Smith: Love this - thank you!@
00:38:56 Brooke Smith: Also include their LinkedIN profiles links…
00:39:20 Derek Gabriel: I send gifts to our POCs on Admin professionals day
00:39:31 Craig Anderson, PCM: Good reading on this topic: The Power of Moments
00:40:17 Jorge: emotional capital
00:40:18 Derek Gabriel: Also the milkshake moment
00:40:29 Derek Gabriel: Book
00:40:51 Derek Gabriel: An oldie but goodie
00:41:40 Craig Anderson, PCM: hmm hadn't heard of that one derek but i'm already interested based on the description
00:41:50 Craig Anderson, PCM: Growth is the central focus of every business, yet many businesses continually find ways to shoot themselves in the foot. In Milkshake Moment, Steven Little shows you how to identify and overcome the stifling behaviors built into your organization and get you back on track to substantive change and real growth. Read Milkshake Moment and find out how to ditch the pointless policies and stupid rules so you can give your customers what they really want; they'll reward you for it.
00:41:52 Rob Danser:
00:44:04 Harry Souvla: Where are folks saving these notes? CW hasn't been the easiest to use as a CRM
00:44:21 Derek Gabriel: We keep notes in CRM - we could automate reminds for staffers to catch clients for important dates, haven't done that yet tho…
00:45:38 Derek Gabriel: I think typical CSAT and NPS stuff is important - but also gathering updates on their business goals and what's important now
00:47:23 Derek Gabriel: Craig just bust out Microsoft Forms (assuming you use M365)
00:47:41 Craig Anderson, PCM: keep it to one question.. i hate multiple question surveys
00:47:50 Craig Anderson, PCM: i don't fill em out and i don't imagine oither people will
00:49:08 Jared Belcher: We use smileback and get about a 40% response rate (for service desk).
00:49:09 Craig Anderson, PCM: dont overreact to negative reviews, but take every negative response seriously because fgor everyone who speaks up there a bunch of others suffering in silenmce
00:49:30 Derek Gabriel: We're at 16.88% return on service desk surveys
00:49:47 Craig Anderson, PCM: i used to get 30-40% response on smileback which wa a huge uptick from less than 10% when we were using CW built-in surveys with 5ish questions
00:49:59 Derek Gabriel: What Craig? I give negative reviewers a couple hours of network isolation...
00:50:09 Craig Anderson, PCM: hahaha
00:50:18 Brooke Smith: We ask for google review and if they can’t give 5 stars then let’s review why an address it.
00:50:54 Jared Belcher: If someone puts a comment in on smileback I think we have a message inviting them to post it as a google review as well.
00:51:11 Derek Gabriel: I like that @Brooke - We're just about to send out direct emails to business principals for that - social proof, if they don't feel comfortable leaving a review, tell me why and how can we address it.
00:52:25 Brooke Smith: We do the same! Owner to owner
00:52:54 Craig Anderson, PCM: one time I wrote a thing about collecting service feedback :)
00:53:27 Derek Gabriel: I just drop off bottles of whiskey all the time, and never have any problems
00:53:40 Jennifer Berry: LOL
00:53:45 Jared Belcher: @Derek - I'll send you my address!
00:53:55 Derek Gabriel: lol
00:53:56 brandi: too funny
00:56:19 Rob Danser:
00:56:22 brandi: we have a status in our system that allows the help desk team to escalate tickets to me if they are thinking they are "hot" or mad about something
00:56:25 Craig Anderson, PCM: i used to use that "losing sleep at night" question during the sales process when evaluating a new client and to spark conversation about how things might improve - always interesting when the office manager/poc/etc would say they were constantly worried about IT, but the owner, would be like "meh"
01:00:24 Brooke Smith: Me and my boss had a come to Jesus chat with him and I was never disrespected again! Hooray for emotionally intelligent bosses!!
01:00:35 Jennifer Berry: Woohoo!
01:00:52 brandi: 👐👐
01:01:41 Derek Gabriel: We don't laugh for too long
01:01:50 Craig Anderson, PCM: but frequently
01:02:00 Jared Belcher: It's the whiskey that makes him happy
01:02:14 Craig Anderson, PCM: thought he was gonna say he loves whiskey
01:02:23 brandi: If it's not measured its not managed
01:02:25 Craig Anderson, PCM: get thee to the nerdery
01:02:30 Derek Gabriel: 😁
01:02:36 Brooke Smith: Bye everyone!!!
01:02:56 Derek Gabriel: isn't it boxing day?


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