vCIO AllStars- Technology Steering Roleplay



00:03:53 Chuck: Rob, it just wasn't the same last week.
00:05:34 Michael Courts: So he experienced what most 50 yo do when putting on their shoes in the morning.
00:08:02 Derek Gabriel: Always backup your data
00:08:43 Jen Marcenaro: Oh man, what did I miss. What happened to his house.
00:09:05 Jen Marcenaro: holy crap
00:09:12 Chuck: That must have made quite a sound?
00:09:15 Isaac Grover: I'm going to miss the comic book icons behind you Rob...
00:09:34 Derek Gabriel: Lol @ didn't notice
00:10:12 Andrew Millington: "Sweetie, I promise, it was RIGHT THERE."
00:10:49 Craig Anderson, PCM: but did they catch the big bad wolf who blew it all down?
00:11:04 Chuck: unreal
00:11:13 Craig Anderson, PCM: no kidding
00:11:17 Chuck: Parents rolling that AOL CD special?
00:12:21 Craig Anderson, PCM: do you need a virtual background pic of your old office?
00:14:10 Craig Anderson, PCM: you think they are outlandish
00:15:52 Rob Danser: haahah ocasionally
00:16:16 Sean.Smith: Wow, Rob. Your house fell down and you've got a cold. Did you loose a bet with God?
00:17:02 Rob Danser: hahahaha well it didn't exactly fall down :-)
00:20:54 Jen Marcenaro: BWAHAHA
00:20:55 David Wallach: How much will that cost? And will it be completed by tomorrow morning?
00:21:06 Jared Belcher: I'm exploring a merger/takeover of an organization called H.A.M.M.E.R and wondering if we can reuse any of their equipment instead of updating the hardware/software.
00:21:11 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: hahaha david -- I was sending the same to Rob direct LOL
00:21:46 Craig Anderson, PCM: wait.. I pay you guys to make sure my systems are secure
00:22:00 Craig Anderson, PCM: what do you mean my systems are less secure?
00:22:14 breeves: Shouldn't I have known about this earlier?
00:24:15 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: So I have to spend $14million to become email secure
00:24:23 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: that sounds like a lot for just email....
00:25:15 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: I don't know how Brian's keeping a straight face through all this...
00:25:25 Craig Anderson, PCM: so how much can I save?
00:25:29 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: 2fa
00:25:31 Derek Gabriel: Spambrella sounds too cutesy how did you evaluate this company?
00:25:32 Craig Anderson, PCM: if we just aren't using it
00:25:32 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: whats that
00:25:51 Craig Anderson, PCM: ooh like that derek.. we only want enterprise grade software here
00:26:00 Craig Anderson, PCM: (legit had that exact thing come up about huntress)
00:26:24 Jen Marcenaro: BWAHAH I'm DYING LOL- You guys..
00:26:44 Isaac Grover: As an observer, I wish I understood the comic strip references here...
00:27:00 breeves: Hey I'll say for an intermediate customer, that's typically something a early client would ask.
00:27:11 breeves: Great Job Brian
00:27:25 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: so down time then?
00:28:01 Michael Courts: No down time during working hours?
00:28:44 Jennifer Berry: ^
00:28:51 Craig Anderson, PCM: how can we simulate/roleplay rob saying yes to a bunch of projects and then never actually following through on signing the proposals ?
00:29:02 Chuck: lol
00:29:04 Jennifer Berry: LOL
00:29:06 Derek Gabriel: Lol Craig
00:29:19 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: that's a good one craig
00:29:39 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: it's a meeting of awkward silences … even more painful on zoom LOL
00:29:55 Derek Gabriel: Ask if he wants to do a budget call with your team
00:29:56 Ashli Clubine: LOL
00:29:58 Craig Anderson, PCM: we need to feed that line to brian: so last time we met you said we were going to go forward with x, y, and z.. butthen nothing
00:30:09 Greg Bartlett: 18 months? I bet Nick would be Furyous having to wait that long
00:30:12 Ashli Clubine: royale with cheese
00:30:19 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: @Greg LOL
00:30:21 Jennifer Berry: OMG Greg!
00:30:23 Jennifer Berry: LMAO
00:30:29 Craig Anderson, PCM: lolol
00:30:37 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: Ashli ahahhaahah
00:31:46 Derek Gabriel: Is this a new customer onboarding?
00:32:05 Michael Courts: 9 months in
00:32:07 Jennifer Berry: @Derek it's an intermediate vCTO review
00:32:17 Jennifer Berry: still fairly recent from onboarding
00:32:51 Derek Gabriel: Got it, thanks
00:33:00 Derek Gabriel: I missed that part of the setup
00:33:28 Andrew Millington: I'd personally drop that bit about the "conversation vs. presentation" at the beginning
00:33:38 Andrew Millington: set the tone
00:33:54 Jorge Viveros: You don't want that hardware. They were still running an "Ex-Wife"
00:34:02 Andrew Millington: sorry, "place" not drop
00:34:22 Joel Osera: Isn't there an existing partnership with Stark Industries?
00:34:25 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: We also want to know how you'll support those agents in the field secretly
00:34:26 Andrew Millington: @jorge Hammer tech. Always dissapointing
00:34:35 Craig Anderson, PCM: what about these projects we started 6 months ago that still aren't finished? I don't really want to go signing off more things when these aren't done yet
00:34:45 Andrew Millington: *disappointing
00:35:00 Derek Gabriel: I'm never ever doing improv with Craig
00:35:13 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: lol
00:35:36 Craig Anderson, PCM: this is why I need the improv workshop.. I suck at answereing these questions!
00:35:51 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: Also - should we mention we know we are acquiring HAMMER and it was previously breached - will you make sure it's not breachable with that $14billion we are spending
00:35:52 breeves: Why can't we start right away
00:36:22 Craig Anderson, PCM: we al have other customers, but I need this done
00:36:39 breeves: I get this all the time..
00:36:44 Derek Gabriel: Please say, it's hammer time
00:36:51 Craig Anderson, PCM: LOL
00:37:02 Derek Gabriel: 😂
00:37:17 Derek Gabriel: 🙌
00:37:38 Derek Gabriel: What's this chart mean on the left?
00:37:43 Rob Danser: I got you fam
00:37:46 Derek Gabriel: Talk randomly about the report he gave you
00:38:08 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: yesss -- and bring up the broken printer … again like clearly you're not listening anymore....
00:38:39 Derek Gabriel: Now get confused about quarters
00:38:47 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: what does enhanced end point protection mean
00:38:57 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: why is that different than what we already have
00:39:04 Craig Anderson, PCM: how about some billable items that aren't big enough to feel like obvious projects? things that I the customer don't understand why we cant just open tickets and get those thins done next week? I've done QuickBooks upgrades before it doesn't take that long, my old guys used to just take care of this stuff
00:39:22 Derek Gabriel: Compromise... Are we back to spambrella?
00:40:07 Derek Gabriel: And this is all in q3...
00:40:07 Isaac Grover: Can you protect our email without an annoying yellow banner?
00:40:11 Derek Gabriel: 🤣
00:40:14 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: my agents don't need any training so we wont be paying for that
00:40:17 Bart Bushong: Wait... Is the chip shortage I keep reading about going to cause any slow down of any of your recommendations?
00:40:26 Michael Courts: Even if the agents or in the field? or just in the home office? for the banner.
00:40:31 Derek Gabriel: Oooh good one Bart
00:40:40 Craig Anderson, PCM: we have those banners I don't even see them anymore.. also I my outlook email preview now just says the same thing over and over again, so annoying
00:41:46 Derek Gabriel: And was that one q2 or q3?
00:41:57 Derek Gabriel: Who's on first?
00:41:59 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: is that why the printer keeps breaking will it need a new chip
00:42:19 Bart Bushong: LOL Brooke
00:44:31 Craig Anderson, PCM: i have had that objection, it does come up
00:44:34 Greg Bartlett: Wait the client admitted they were being rude about bringing up something? I feel like this isn't real roleplay
00:44:39 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: I try to avoid using any vendor names/details because they try to goi out and price it for themselves!
00:44:48 Derek Gabriel: I very rarely mention product and vendor names.
00:44:54 Derek Gabriel: Ditto Brooke
00:45:05 Neil Murray: Agreed with Brooke. We usually talk about the technology rather than the specific product.
00:45:47 Craig Anderson, PCM: that is a good point.. i don't usually reerence "Huntress" but rather "EDR", however when those brands come up that objection can be real
00:45:50 Derek Gabriel: Also way too much talking not enough listening... I felt like instead of his company updates he should have been asking about the client company updates...
00:46:18 Derek Gabriel: Edr is still almost too complicated for the c suite
00:46:21 Bart Bushong: Brian if you are reading comments now - thanks for playing it was good hearing how you navigated and shared with you client.
00:46:36 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: same derek - I think asking more questions about what shield is worried about -- felt a little captain obvious? I think you did a great job brian!
00:46:41 Craig Anderson, PCM: yes derek, part of why i have been angling to just bundle it - i hate talking about lol
00:46:42 breeves: Do you guys use the presentation mode of MyITprocess?
00:47:49 Craig Anderson, PCM: ooo is metaphors going to be a topic? talking to c-syite i feel like having a good toolbox full of metaphors would be super useful for vcios
00:47:56 Rob Danser: next week sir
00:48:01 Jennifer Berry: awesome!
00:48:03 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: we do not -- yet!
00:48:11 Chuck: Used it a few times but stopped using it
00:48:25 Craig Anderson, PCM: sorry was that meeting mode in myitprocess?
00:48:39 Rob Danser: yup
00:48:56 Haris.Michael: We usually just show it in 1 slide. we will sometimes go through it live on larger clients
00:49:00 J.Mac Brown: I use MyIT process in presentation mode
00:49:03 Craig Anderson, PCM: we export it to pdfs from the "meeting" but don't actually run meeting mode
00:49:45 Jennifer Berry: easily the best meeting I've had in a long time, if not ever
00:49:51 Neil Murray: The references were absolutely brilliant!
00:50:28 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: I LOVE the practice and love to see everyone else's style! Helps me be a better vCIO!
00:50:31 Craig Anderson, PCM: ok lets talk on our next call
00:51:29 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: MAVERlous!
00:51:40 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: Have a great weekend all!
00:51:45 Jen Marcenaro: Thanks everyone, FRIDAY
00:51:46 Keala: Great job Brian
00:51:46 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: Thank you Brian!!!
00:51:51 Craig Anderson, PCM: thanks brian! great jorb!
00:51:53 Greg Bartlett: Great job Brian!

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