11/6: vCIO All Stars



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00:09:15 Amy: Have my first one ever scheduled 11/18, so your advice would be helpful.
00:15:06 Rob Danser: If anyone would want to share their tech steering info for next week let me know!
00:17:03 Craig Anderson: some clients use email as a convenience while other clients receive order requests via email all day long
00:17:42 Craig Anderson: email being down for an hour could mean no invite to the holiday party or it could means hundreds of thousands in lost revenue
00:20:30 Whitney Mason: Jeff, your branding is SO subtle today
00:22:52 Dan Seafoot: Ask for the info from their insurance company
00:23:01 Brooke Smith: bring a local / state experience of a breach in their industry
00:23:09 Dan Seafoot: that will lead into their security and breach process
00:23:29 Dan Seafoot: to make sure you have it all documented and understand where their Tech Assets lie
00:26:50 Dan Seafoot: Onsite and remote - for our local clients
00:26:54 Amy: I have one client that is on the "large" list, things are done onsite
00:26:57 Jorge Viveros: Fully remote but only because of pandemic
00:26:57 Craig Anderson: 85% remote maybe more. very very occasional onsite
00:26:59 Jason Montville: Still partial remote here, depending on the client's protocols. Its around 50/50 with our clients now … still have a bunch that don't want us onsite unless it's an emergency.
00:27:10 Warren Ksiez: all on-site now, 6 months ago were all remote.
00:27:14 Robert Macalino: onsite and remote depending on the clients readiness for onsite
00:27:19 Odin Fuhrman: depends on the client protocol but mostly onsite
00:27:32 Brooke Smith: We are scheduling onsites ONLY if they are NYS COVID reg compliant otherwise it's done remote and the only thing we skip are updated photos
00:27:39 Scott Chester: Almost entirely remote, skipping questions that need on site.
00:27:49 Craig Anderson: specific targeting onite for clients we think we really are overdue to lay eyes on them
00:36:00 Curt Dueck: yes @scott... that is exactly what my TAM says
00:40:08 Craig Anderson: i'
00:40:21 Craig Anderson: i'll be honest, I didn't understand your question, Rob
00:40:57 Rob Danser: probabily cause it wasn't great
00:41:18 Jeff LeClair: "Crappily"
00:41:46 Craig Anderson: October 2021 right?
00:41:55 Craig Anderson: no not really it hasn't changed
00:42:58 Brooke Smith: ajhhhh the infamous remember when convo
00:43:10 Craig Anderson: oh sure when your buddy from the golf course asks about MFA you want to do it, but not when I ask about it....
00:43:28 Jorge Viveros: @Brooke and @Craig - YES
00:44:44 Jason Montville: Same here … I've spent most of the last couple years trying to move my long term clients off of the older phone system we sold them and onto a hosted VoIP solution. The up-side has been that (whatever the platform) the clients who made that kind of switch pre-pandemic had a much easier transition to working remotely!
00:44:52 Keala Asato: VOIP phone companies are also trying to get managed service business inside clients
00:45:28 Craig Anderson: plus @jorge, if you DON'T then some other vendor will be brought in, and dollars to donuts they will do teams voice AND everything else you do too
00:45:51 Craig Anderson: ( I mean they wont do it well, but the client might not realize that)
00:46:24 Jorge Viveros: @Keala and @Craig - Yup, the Trojan Horse
00:47:00 Craig Anderson: @brooke you guys know that m365 has OneNote right? ;)
00:48:31 Craig Anderson: strong argument for meeting minutes every meeting every time
00:48:44 Craig Anderson: @jason feels pretty strongly about that I think :)
00:49:05 Jason Montville: @craig Absolutely … meeting minutes / action items are definitely a passion project for me!
00:49:18 Brooke Smith: @craig -- yes LOL we are very much in love with EverNote LOL
00:49:38 Dan Seafoot: How did you get by that, Jorge?
00:50:40 Odin Fuhrman: hey I gotta head out early today have a great weekend!
00:50:55 Brooke Smith: Bye Odin!
00:51:08 Rob Danser: Seeya odin!
00:51:50 Brooke Smith: We call it the N/A 'pie in the sky wish" and that goes on the top of my evernote
00:55:24 Bradford Link: Where do I find files that have been shared with the group?
00:59:54 Amy: Thanks for all your advice. This meeting was very helpful.
01:00:12 Whitney Mason: Good luck Amy!

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