3/12: vCIO All Stars


Chat Log 

00:04:10 Stephen Kellogg: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-09/hackers-expose-tesla-jails-in-breach-of-150-000-security-cams
00:05:51 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: That *NEVER* happens....
00:06:33 Ian Thomson: We just got terminated by a near fit client because we wouldn't put camera's on the same network as their member database
00:06:47 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: same here Craig - so you're not alone!
00:07:55 Jeff Fulton: lurkers
00:08:02 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: No pressure
00:08:30 Andrew Millington: Bob looks like Scott Rogowsky from that old HQ Trivia app!
00:08:49 Bob Penland: @andrew Thank you? haha
00:08:56 Craig Anderson, PCM: next week, everybody change your Zoom display name to Bob Penland before you join the call
00:09:14 Bob Penland: You're a troublemaker @craig lol
00:09:28 Craig Anderson, PCM: gotta keep @rob on his toes
00:09:36 Craig Anderson, PCM: see he thnks we are adults
00:09:38 Jeff Fulton: will the real Bob P please stand up
00:09:46 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: ahahahah!
00:12:09 Craig Anderson, PCM: got have a dr plan ;)
00:12:18 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: Yes! Love my RocketBook!
00:12:56 Craig Anderson, PCM: a whiteboard in a notebook?
00:13:03 Bob Penland: https://getrocketbook.com/
00:13:19 Erin O'Donnell: that is so cool!
00:14:18 Rob Danser: Right! its awesome
00:21:16 Craig Anderson, PCM: I have one of these (a little bit more expensive than rocketbook) but I absolutely love it, great for handwriting/drawing/etc in the virtual world. I can use it to cast up on to my screen when i'm drawing a quick diagram during a virtual meeting too https://remarkable.com
00:22:42 Craig Anderson, PCM: for me it it's the roadmap, but all hinges on how confident I am in the roadmap - a wel prepared roadmap usually leads to good conversation for me anyway
00:24:06 Jeff Fulton: Great question!
00:24:56 Erin O'Donnell: I ask what their biggest wins and challenges for the last year have been.
00:25:21 Jeff Fulton: What is keeping you up at night?
00:25:55 David Griffin: That’s a great question @craig. I have been using that question since I heard you say it.
00:27:23 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: What is one thing you do every day that you say to yourself "gosh there has to be a better/easier/faster way to do XYZ"
00:27:27 Don Rogers: Start with three open questions that get the client to open up about the busines
00:28:14 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: Erin that's GREAT!!!
00:28:47 Don Rogers: "What is the one thing we can do for you that you cannot do without?"
00:29:28 Craig Anderson, PCM: yeah I just stole a screensnip of that big wins question erin to share with our team and pout on our agenda
00:29:48 Don Rogers: EXACTLY!!!!
00:30:20 Erin O'Donnell: Thank you :) - I come from a business management background (supremely non-technical), and so that has helped me a lot with leading the conversations and getting more feedback.
00:31:15 Erin O'Donnell: AGREED! Getting through a whole meeting without talking about their business is the quickest way to kill a relationship
00:31:52 Erin O'Donnell: A specifically open question LOL
00:32:53 Bob Penland: I learned that asking about the quarter gets more specific responses than "how is business?"
00:33:56 Craig Anderson, PCM: https://corp.owler.com/
00:34:40 Don Rogers: #1 Housekeeping item is to present the CSAT and NPS data for the last quarter. Judge the number then ask how things are really going!
00:35:03 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: I use the google alert the same way Stephen
00:35:55 Andrew Millington: Driving real conversations around the client experience is huge. CSAT/NPS is often filled out generously because it's so prevalent in retail
00:38:53 Raum Sandoval: I'd be curious to what metrics others were using for STandards. We are a Traction team as well.
00:39:34 Erin O'Donnell: yes, I have
00:40:51 Craig Anderson, PCM: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/ae/4a/be/ae4abe641927702437086e282df69939.jpg
00:41:06 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: hhahahah Craig!
00:41:11 Jeff Fulton: LOL
00:41:34 Craig Anderson, PCM: <- troublemaker
00:44:22 Craig Anderson, PCM: don't take it the wrong way: I get stuck talking about tickets too often for sure - but its definitely not where I want o be
00:44:51 Jeff Fulton: you calling me fat?
00:45:38 Jeff Fulton: That info is in their BrightGauge Dash to look at any time they want
00:45:47 Don Rogers: We are a fiduciary, we should not be defending the business!
00:46:03 Rob Danser: https://trumethods.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022316933-Apr-2019-Tips-to-Simplify-your-vCIO-Process-
00:47:08 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: Rob " R R Martin " Danser
00:47:21 Craig Anderson, PCM: start with why why am I presenting this, why am I asking about this, why am I telling them this what outcome am I trying to achieve?
00:47:57 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: a couple times a year
00:48:00 Erin O'Donnell: we do it every 6-8 months
00:48:02 Don Rogers: Annually
00:48:11 Jeff Fulton: annual
00:48:17 Craig Anderson, PCM: im currently in a continual change mode on our process
00:48:51 Craig Anderson, PCM: i'm up to REv5 of my SBR process document (and i only started tracking revs a couple months back)
00:49:08 Don Rogers: That we reserve for the TAM!
00:50:02 Rob Danser: That was the alternate name for the myitprocess strategic roadmap :-)
00:50:13 Jeff Fulton: I make it a separate meeting for the review
00:50:48 Jeff Fulton: I have CEO's that make it their bible to keep their staff and us on track
00:51:15 Don Rogers: Wow, glad someone has all that free time! Sorry Jeff!
00:51:45 Jeff Fulton: Only once a year
00:53:35 Don Rogers: The recap is how you get the "last word" in!!!
00:53:55 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: awesome stuff thank you!
00:54:57 Erin O'Donnell: be blunt! they love it haha
00:55:31 Craig Anderson, PCM: this app unfortunately seemed to have fallen into a state of not being regularly updated, but a few years ago i used to use it HEAVILY in client meetings.. i'd take notes live on my ipad, not Actions/due Dates, Decisions, etc.. and then be able to literally send th meeting minutes before even leaving looking pretty polished (and because the minutes were sent immediately - typos were always forgiven and i had less homework) www.lessmeeting.com
00:57:16 Craig Anderson, PCM: or if you just want to relive our hilarious chat hijinks
00:57:18 Erin O'Donnell: thanks for the warning man
00:58:36 Craig Anderson, PCM: :( won't be here on the 26th
00:58:43 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: Excellent j mac -- def something we need too!


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