10/23: vCIO All Stars


Chat Log 


00:06:22 Jorge: I think Art wins the background fight for the week
00:10:10 Brooke Smith: We try to meet quarterly; we have an email box NAProcess where during the 3 months in between we can send ideas and questions to for discussion with the team
00:10:31 Jeff Fulton: Not officially, its a bit of adhoc
00:19:08 Dan Seafoot: We go through our list of best practices to REVIEW - and make a keep or remove decision- this is the first half of our meeting. Sencond half of our meeting is for vCIO to bring questions forward to design or modify Best Practice standards that come up during the myITP review
00:20:08 Dan Seafoot: I ate up the 2nd half of the meeting with questions designed to remove or make the Netadmin's review easier, based on the want/need from our clients
00:24:22 Jorge: @Dan - Do you have anyone who's really into PowerShell? We have about three guys who have done a ton of work to automate different checks during reviews. Pretty much anything AD/M365 related can be retrieved via PS
00:28:19 Dan Seafoot: We do some of our items in PowerShell - I'm not sure how indepth we get with it though. I'll ask my team to check it out, Thanks @Jorge
00:28:40 Stephen Kellogg: https://www.cyberdrain.com/category/series-powershell-monitoring/
00:28:40 Jeff Fulton: Teams development is on the fast track
00:28:45 Ken Peduzzi - CyBerJaz: O365 & M365 - changing YESSSS!
00:28:48 David Johnson: I've got to drop for another call - have a good weekend everyone!
00:43:48 Jeff Fulton: Cool, thank you for the ideas
00:44:03 Brooke Smith: @Stephen that's what we do!
00:44:33 Brooke Smith: Exactly how we use it as well.
00:46:10 Jeff Fulton: We use Duo
00:51:47 Dan Seafoot: I always refer back to the Why from both angles
00:52:00 Jorge: Yes, why is key
00:52:03 Dan Seafoot: We explain Why to the client AND the NetADmin/TAMS
00:52:19 Dan Seafoot: gotta let the Netadmin's know the Why or they'll be down the wrong avenue
00:52:30 Stephen Kellogg: We use Duo IF... They do workstation logon MFA or they're already using it Or they're not on O365
00:57:06 Jeff Fulton: DUO is a standard, many are using it already for say VPN, and we use it if possible
00:57:44 Jeff Fulton: and use DUO for many other apps
00:58:57 Craig Anderson: i do my entire job on camera. never even been to my office
00:59:22 Jorge Viveros: I've been in the office since March
00:59:33 Stephen Kellogg: I haven't been to anywhere (office or client office) since end of Feb
00:59:52 Jorge Viveros: Been in *this* office, haha
01:00:03 Amy: I'm a newbie. Can I ask questions?
01:00:21 Craig Anderson: @amy absolutely
01:00:58 Jorge Viveros: Gotta run, everyone. I won't be here next week but see ya next time
01:01:00 Rob Danser: @Amy 100% please do
01:01:11 Rob Danser: next casll anyway cause I gotta run :-)
01:01:36 Ian Thomson: I gotta say the 2 standards is really helpful, I just finished a MFA call with a client as a breach follow up and I didn't push the fancy software MFA, I got the client to buy in on at least doing the native M365 MFA and I've been dreading telling the team. I'm feeling much better about going back and saying yeah, the fancy is better, but we got them to do something, so its better, and this fits what they need right now
01:01:44 Craig Anderson: you just gotta jump in and shutup the rest of loudmouths
01:01:52 Jeff Fulton: In a live meeting in person, do you wave to all when you leave the room?

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