8/28: vCIO All Stars


Chat Log

00:41:25 Rob Wagnon: We feel that we should be the resource and we provide templates.
00:41:33 Rob Wagnon: It's part of our chocolate cake.
00:42:01 Mike Esposito: you said chocolate cake, now I want chocolate cake
00:42:07 Rob Wagnon: Review and modifications is a project.
00:42:12 Rob Wagnon: NIST CSF
00:42:14 Rob Wagnon: That's whyu
00:43:03 Rob Wagnon: We're the vCIO. We guide them
00:43:09 Dan Seafoot: We're working on a checklist that we give examples of, and are trying to get the DM to work with us to build their policy
00:53:02 Dan Seafoot: its not easy to bring something like that up Mike, good for you for doing it.
00:54:51 Dan Seafoot: in Canada we just appologize
00:55:23 Joe Giltner: Carry on my wayward vCIO All-Stars...gotta jet. Have a great weekend!


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