9/25: vCIO AllStars


Chat Log 

00:04:43 Rob Danser: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/5862248962411505936
00:09:20 Jorge: sounds cool
00:09:29 Neil Murray: *Thumbs up*. I like the ability to still have a monthly session that's more open.
00:09:50 Robert Macalino: sounds good
00:09:51 Michael: Sounds good!
00:11:04 Dan Seafoot: I like the idea of having the remainder of the call open - good suggestion Stephen
00:11:31 Warren Ksiez: Like having prep time
00:12:06 Michael: I'd like to hear from others how they've structure this role - does everyone already have this as full-time, what are they responsible for, do they have a technical background? How did they get this off the ground if transitioning to this role?
00:12:10 Bob Borges: Rob's shirt gave me the idea of vCIO All Stars branded shirts.
00:12:46 Rob Danser: hahhaha
00:15:08 Dan Seafoot: Was there a specific question you had about teams?
00:15:10 Neil Murray: Teams here as well. We have the dial-in add-on for any clients who can't join as a video conference for whatever reason.
00:15:51 Jorge: @Michael I think you'll find the answer will vary from person to person within this group.
00:17:04 Michael: Thanks Jorge! I'm sure it would. I was thinking that it might make a good conversation topic, hearing how others got started, what's worked, what have they learned about this role, etc.
00:17:25 Michael: It is not a full-time role for us yet, trying to get there.
00:26:22 Jorge: I've definitely had that same situation of not being able to look something up, on purpose
00:31:57 Joe Giltner: Great stuff Stephen, thanks!
00:34:27 Scott Chester: @Stephen, do you have a slide you use in myITp that has those questions on it, or just before you start into presentation?
00:35:13 Hank Wiley: 52
00:35:53 Dan Seafoot: nice Hank!
00:36:55 Hank Wiley: working on getting help though!
00:45:29 J.Mac Brown: Yea we renamed our SBR, Strategic Business Reviews because not all are quarterly.
00:45:39 Michael: Same here
00:45:44 Jorge: @J.Mac I like that
00:50:39 J.Mac Brown: I am a newbie, been in the client role for 25 years… We are using IT Glue, Auvik for alerts, Connectwise and Enable/N-Central… my two weeks in impressions is we have chosen many tools to get different results… but seems really tool heavy…
00:58:43 Keala Asato: Thanks all!


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