vCIO AllStars- 10/8- Client Issues



Chat Log

00:05:16 Andrew Millington: How’d you like that tie at Old Trafford 😎
00:05:43 Derek Gabriel: and pants
00:09:38 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: Happy to chat anytime!
00:09:50 Derek Gabriel: I think Nadeem volunteered …
00:10:03 Nadeem Azhar: I'll do it!!! lets go!!!!
00:10:07 Jen Marcenaro: Derek likes to talk
00:10:07 Christian Gualdoni: Volen-told :)
00:10:12 Jen Marcenaro: bwahah
00:10:25 Sara Geiser: yes it will
00:10:31 Derek Gabriel: I will be in Vegas that whole week
00:10:37 Sara Geiser: 2 weeks today
00:10:38 Derek Gabriel: that week
00:10:41 Sara Geiser: 19-22
00:10:55 Derek Gabriel: Peer & Kaseya conference
00:12:20 Rob Danser:
00:15:12 Sandino: My name is Augusto Sandino, I'm a brand new vCIO, just started 2 weeks ago. I am very eager to learn from all of you. I'm the new vCIO for ICG Miami. Thank you to all in advance.
00:15:29 Rob Danser: Happy to have you!
00:15:34 Sandino: Thank you
00:15:38 Derek Gabriel: let me try to trumethods this.... the ball is not on the fairway, so we need a mulligan?
00:15:38 Brian Dappolone: Welcome Sandino!
00:15:51 Sandino: Thank you
00:15:57 Odin Fuhrman: Welcome Augusto!
00:16:12 Derek Gabriel: Aloha Augusto!
00:16:12 Sandino: Thank you
00:16:38 Brian Dappolone: Whoops I wrote Sandino, sorry.
00:16:47 Bill Taylor: Welcome, Augusto! You're with an awesome company.
00:17:04 Sandino: Thank you Bill
00:18:04 Derek Gabriel: hari-kari
00:18:52 Erin O'Donnell: see, this is where raising your hand is helpful 😆
00:18:59 Rob Danser: HAHHAHA
00:19:00 Derek Gabriel: lol Erin
00:21:39 Nadeem Azhar: I don't have a raise hand option, am I blind?
00:22:19 Bill Taylor: It's under "More" then reactions
00:22:24 Derek Gabriel: should be under "reactions"
00:22:45 Odin Fuhrman: ✋
00:22:59 Odin Fuhrman: there you go, you can borrow mine!
00:23:00 Nadeem Azhar: thanks, too used to Teams I guess :>
00:23:35 Derek Gabriel: holy shit
00:23:40 Jen Marcenaro: Holy crap
00:23:40 Jen Marcenaro: lol
00:23:42 Mike B: whoa!
00:23:45 Derek Gabriel: please tell me you threw your dink on him?
00:23:46 Robert Macalino: time to leave
00:23:48 Jeremy Halvorsen: Unreal
00:23:52 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: THAT IS WILD AF!!!!! My boss would have booted them too!
00:24:25 Greg Bartlett: yea free to go is not the word choice I would have given him
00:24:32 Derek Gabriel: I hope this has a better ending than the squid game
00:24:35 Derek Gabriel: awww you took them back!?!?
00:24:47 Odin Fuhrman: I love that they cam back with their tail between their legs!
00:24:52 Rob Danser: sounds like the jerk was out of the business
00:25:20 Joe Foos, ZAG Technical Services: Women are so much stronger than Men.
00:25:22 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: KUDOS to you Erin!!!!
00:25:43 Sandino: Yes kudos
00:27:17 Erin O'Donnell: aw thanks guys. I really had to swallow a lot of pride and focus on what was best for me professionally. Plus, having that ground to stand on and handling it with grace far increased my credibility to them.
00:27:51 Odin Fuhrman: It shows how strong your character is, props!
00:28:20 Brooke (She/Her) Smith: yeeeepppp!!! LOL
00:28:23 Jason Montville: A couple years ago I had a customer whose owner had built a reputation for yelling and swearing at techs (over the phone and when they went onsite). He would always back down whenever my boss and I confronted him … but a zebra never changes his spots. Eventually we had to walk away from what was a very toxic relationship.
00:28:24 Odin Fuhrman: it's like pulling teeth with those guys
00:28:31 Jared Belcher: John looks like he has a story about that!
00:28:50 Ian Thomson: then they turn around and ask you to check out their $20,000 usb dongle for x-rays that they just toss in a drawer
00:29:06 Michael Courts: Those who charge the most for their service spends the least. Or so it seems to me.
00:31:29 John Honodel: @Nadeem, love that comment about loving what you do and if it's not fun, we are walking away!
00:31:39 Mike B: crazyness
00:32:15 Nadeem Azhar: John, it's not just a job it's my passion!
00:32:35 Derek Gabriel: on the fly poll... go
00:32:40 Bob Tukin: Yep
00:32:44 Sandino: in march
00:32:51 jmartin: When is this moving over to Crowdcast?
00:32:51 Sandino: in march of 2022
00:32:51 Bob Tukin: Nope
00:32:57 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: None so far
00:33:08 Rick Rush: primarily on longer term clients
00:33:10 Ian Thomson: only with a few handfuls that had other flags for being problems
00:33:18 Erin O'Donnell: I think a lot of it is not just the "IT Life"'s just life in general. And over the last two years, the pandemic has really showcased some of the worst in people in general.
00:33:23 Sara Geiser: yeah we have it built in also
00:33:50 Erin O'Donnell: we have a built-in 6% increase.....but some of our clients are increasing in 15-20%
00:34:12 Derek Gabriel: we're raising some 25-50%
00:34:32 Sara Geiser: We added a new security bundle of different systems and they are jumping on it
00:34:39 Ian Thomson: we spent the last year rate correcting after we got our heads wrapped around managing seat counts, I've had a range of corrections from about 20-100%
00:34:41 Odin Fuhrman: wow
00:34:49 Derek Gabriel: it's all related to cyber too
00:35:07 Jen Marcenaro: BWHAHA
00:35:12 Jared Belcher: I laughed
00:35:19 Robert Macalino: Horns
00:35:23 Erin O'Donnell: @Ian, that was me in 2019
00:35:32 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: 🤣
00:36:24 Derek Gabriel: right clients at right price
00:37:02 Jared Belcher: Utah is still in the $60-70 a seat range for the low end breakfix MSP's... So it's a tough game here
00:38:14 Derek Gabriel: I had a vCIO call this morning and the two big things we talked about were cyber and supply chain/inflation.
00:39:00 Odin Fuhrman: Jared where are you located?
00:39:13 Jared Belcher: Salt Lake City - Utah
00:39:29 Odin Fuhrman: ok nowhere near me! I'm in NY
00:43:53 Bill Taylor: This is one of Gary's recent audio messages I was referencing earlier:
00:45:08 Derek Gabriel: dealing with the wrong POC
00:45:24 Ian Thomson: you need to be in the new POC's face as soon as you know
00:45:40 Mike B: That's a big lesson, yeah
00:46:14 Derek Gabriel: are you doing everything right? If you're not ever talking to the CEO?
00:46:39 Kristen: When do you decide to "fire" a customer? We have a couple law firms that basically refuse to update any computers, so we receive a lot of wasteful support calls. They have computers that have i3 processors @ 1GHz something. I had a user call and the support call took 40 minutes because of how slow the computer was processing. I am sure keeping them on as a customer is wasting money for us because of the wasted time with help desk support and creating quotes for replacement computers that are never ordered.
00:46:56 Jared Belcher: @Derek - That's a great point. And you can be doing that right until the board of directors fires the CEO LOL
00:47:28 Derek Gabriel: Kristen, in my experience... it's time to fire a client when you ask when it's time. ;)
00:48:07 Bob Tukin: @Kristen, add this to your SLA. “All supported devices are required to be up to date and currently supported by OS vendor..” You can then charge for break/fix for any old stuff if they won’t upgrade.
00:48:25 Derek Gabriel: True @Jared - I try to do a board presentation at least annually for our clients which have one.
00:48:57 Jeremy Halvorsen: What Bob said, Kristen. We'll give an hour for those but charge T&M after that.
00:49:11 Derek Gabriel: sales solves all problems
00:49:12 Jared Belcher: @Kristen - if you approach the conversation with a straight forward - "Listen our minimum standards are computers newer than x" if you can't commit to that we need to reevaluate our relationship and have a different discussion.
00:49:24 Bill Taylor: Kristen, the Not all MRR is good MRR video will put some numbers around that and allow you to review profitability (or lack thereof) on a client by client basis. Filling out the MRR evaluator can be really impactful/eye opening. This helps with prioritization, too:
00:49:37 Kristen: 👍🏻
00:50:32 Derek Gabriel: I have a book reco… which applies, it's technically a book on sales, but the idea of being maverick works for me in all aspects of business relationships... The Maverick Selling Method: Simplifying The Complex Sale
00:51:11 Derek Gabriel: Endpoint Manager FTW!
00:51:44 Bob Tukin: Are you wanting to bring this in-house or just assist them with making a good choice?
00:52:00 Derek Gabriel: Ian I would be happy to have a convo with you about this, we use endpoint manager for all of our clients.
00:52:19 Chuck: 0 experience for that with MDM for Windows, however fyi apple devices this is been awesome
00:52:57 Bob Tukin: We use Addigy for Apple MDM.
00:54:00 Jared Belcher: Intune vs Endpoint Manager? What's the distinction?
00:54:06 Derek Gabriel: same
00:54:10 Derek Gabriel: intune is the "old" name
00:54:11 Chuck: yes
00:54:54 Jared Belcher: @Derek we are looking at possibly using Intune - I'd be interested in your show and tell as well if you do one.
00:54:57 Chuck: we have a client that uses jamf directly and they have not called us since initial setup, matter of fact, the client did the bulk of the setup in Jamf and just needed us to assist with the rest of it
00:55:51 Derek Gabriel:
00:56:20 Derek Gabriel: take it to the TAM call, please
00:56:22 Derek Gabriel: :D
00:57:25 Derek Gabriel: there should be an acceptable use policy, we won't do any MSM config until we know they've published one to their employees.
00:57:29 Derek Gabriel: md
00:57:30 Derek Gabriel: m
00:58:10 Derek Gabriel: when a company gives the clients a $50 a month stipend, the company has very little pushback for BYOD configurations
00:58:16 Derek Gabriel: clients, lol, staff
00:59:02 Erin O'Donnell: I straight up tell them we have zero interest in their personal endeavors. However, if they insist on having access to business information on a personally owned device, they will be required to comply.
00:59:15 Derek Gabriel: that's actually the beauty of a good MDM platform like Intune/endpoint manager, you can do app only configurations to isolate company data on an employee's phone



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