vCIO AllStars 8/27 Open Call


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00:05:42 Craig Anderson, PCM: VCIO allstars is bessed enjoyed with moderation. Please strategize responsibly.
00:06:16 Isaac Grover: But what if we're multitasking? Will Rob ostracize us? :)
00:06:42 Craig Anderson, PCM: I multitask on camera all the time ;)
00:07:08 Derek Gabriel: just multitask with your browser over the zoom window so it looks like your paying attention... 😎
00:07:28 Craig Anderson, PCM: that's brilliant derek
00:07:34 Robert Macalino: no one does that
00:08:11 Derek Gabriel: Can I bring my emotional intelligence support pony?
00:08:20 Jen Marcenaro: BWAHAHAH
00:08:26 Greg Bartlett: Only if you have your camera on
00:12:17 brandi: totally agree
00:12:37 Chuck: When we are considering a new client for managed service, we do an assessment audit showing their shortcomings. Part of new client onboarding is addressing and knocking out the major security/outstanding issues first. Then we get an initial TAM done ASAP. IDK if this helps any.
00:13:48 Craig Anderson, PCM: Change QBR to SBR (Strategic Business REview) and then you can do them on whatever cadence makes sense
00:14:09 Craig Anderson, PCM: I also like Technologu Steering Meeting (for me these are the smaller meetings between SBRs)
00:20:58 Derek Gabriel: For me the first 90 days is getting to know their business and goals as quick as possible, essentially doing a business canvas, I also do a survey of some of their team, asking a few people the same questions gives you a set of different answers, which makes asking for clarification on their business goals easier.
00:28:42 Derek Gabriel: Find the pain
00:29:11 brandi: I like this, we have done this too
00:29:28 Chuck: @Derek. yes finding the pain is key
00:30:11 Dan Seafoot: good ol framing and separation
00:31:08 Isaac Grover: @Craig - when you challenge prospects in that fashion and determine that the prospect might have been the issue, are you still able to convert even after stating that uncomfortable opinion?
00:31:14 Derek Gabriel: I think if you come in after the sale too, then vCIO is seen more in the light of service delivery, because that's the only experience a client has. Sales sells and then the company services.
00:31:14 Chuck: anybody the vCIO and also on the sales team?
00:31:30 Michael Britton: Me
00:31:32 Erin O'Donnell: I am
00:31:32 Craig Anderson, PCM: VCIO, reframe thyself
00:31:55 Thomas Paine: @Chuck one man shop count?
00:32:01 Chuck: ok cool, glad to know I am not alone in that regard.
00:32:07 Erin O'Donnell: but we have no difference between them. creating a quote is just part of the vCIO process for us.
00:32:10 Chuck: @Thomas of course
00:32:26 Derek Gabriel: it's honesty, and it's especially tru when you have no egg (tru, see what I did there?)
00:32:41 Michael Britton: It's a lot of work and it feels like it may lessen how they perceive you as a strategist if you're not careful and they're a loud customer
00:33:01 Craig Anderson, PCM: exactly derek, always loved the eg thing
00:33:25 brandi: absolutely
00:34:45 Chuck: "align with our best practices"
00:37:22 Craig Anderson, PCM: price is what you pay, value is what you get
00:38:45 Craig Anderson, PCM: they thought they were going to get something different than what they are getting
00:39:15 Thomas Paine: They want it cheaper
00:39:24 Chuck: inhouse IT feel threatened?
00:40:34 Robert Macalino: 100 %'
00:43:47 Derek Gabriel: Conversations and insights
00:47:45 Kristen: We are newbies to the vCIO process. We are just starting to introduce it to our core customers - any suggestions on how best to explain the new process and the benefits?
00:48:02 Derek Gabriel: That's a good question
00:48:23 Derek Gabriel: everyone else will never be done, just jump in :D
00:51:02 Derek Gabriel: Talk to the customers like they're golden retrievers …
00:51:32 Rob Danser: "Who's a good boy"?
00:51:33 Derek Gabriel: existing customers, especially content and very happy existing customres are the most difficult to get into the new process
00:52:20 Neil Murray: Is anyone else getting seasick watching Craig rock back and forth?
00:52:40 Derek Gabriel: 🤮
00:53:08 Derek Gabriel: It's essentially reframing service delivery
00:53:30 Derek Gabriel: oh, there's the problem, you called it fun ;)
00:53:58 Robert Macalino: I think it would help if the pricing discussion happens first.
00:54:16 Thomas Paine: Maybe start it on new clients first to get comfortable
00:55:21 Craig Anderson, PCM: if I could go back in the my DeLorean and do it again, I would have selected a few clients that were ideal candidates, gone deep on alignment for a few months, used that process to fix the technical debt/backlog, and then started leveraging that to develop my vcio process
00:55:38 Derek Gabriel: agree 💯 Craig
00:55:50 brandi: need to jump off early, thanks everyone, great stuff! Always appreciate. Have a great weekend
00:55:59 Derek Gabriel: bye Brandi
00:56:21 Thomas Paine: I need to head out as well, and this was great. Thanks.
00:56:37 Derek Gabriel: 👋 Thomas
00:57:16 Derek Gabriel: Didn't they just re-record not all MRR is good MRR?
00:57:26 Rob Danser: We did!
00:57:32 Derek Gabriel: I totally know what Craig is going to say now...
00:57:55 Rob Danser: lol
00:58:50 Derek Gabriel: oooh oooh I get to be contrarian...
00:59:09 Craig Anderson, PCM: ahhaha nice
00:59:33 Craig Anderson, PCM: fwiw its only would hve used that way back at the very beginning, on the first few clients
01:00:03 Chuck: "do not spend the client's money"
01:00:44 Craig Anderson, PCM: ditto ditto
01:01:25 Erin O'Donnell: For me, we always had some basic things to analyze them on. myITprocess simply made it a pretty software and included the NIST principles instead of my color-coded excel sheet. When we changed it over, the first year was the learning curve, so when the price increase came at the next renewal, it wasn't an issue.
01:01:32 Craig Anderson, PCM: i think that can work too, im just bad at it :)
01:01:59 deanna: Is this it Derek? The Ultimate Sales Machine : Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies
01:02:07 Erin O'Donnell: Now, we also include an automatic 6% increase annually. Cybersecurity has totally wrecked planning measures LOL
01:02:16 Derek Gabriel: yes! It's old but completely relevant still!
01:02:27 deanna: Thank you.
01:02:30 Greg Bartlett: Rob and Shameless? I would never have put those two things together.
01:03:10 Greg Bartlett: Thanks everyone!

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