4/16: vCIO All Stars


Chat Log 


00:09:41 Rob Danser: https://trumethods.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500007498862
00:10:27 Derek Gabriel: I didn't watch it yet, because it was live at 6am 🥱
00:10:36 Ashli Clubine: dentists
00:11:05 J.Mac Brown: Hard part for Derek living in Hawaii. His background could be real beach.
00:11:59 Derek Gabriel: then it's working ;)
00:12:21 art meyer: we should make it a rule that Brooke can't join unless she is wearing the Drinkerbell shirt
00:12:27 Derek Gabriel: let's not all talk at once hahaha
00:12:39 David Wallach: We spent $0 last year, why do we need to have a MRC now?
00:15:41 Brooke Smith: hahaha It's in the dryer … give me about 20 and I'll jump camera with it!!!
00:19:25 Rob Danser: Just in case anyone else wants to catch some of our older calls- you can find them in the archive https://trumethods.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/360007911533-All-Stars-Webinar-Archive
00:19:35 Paul Vedder: "You get what you tolerate..."
00:19:53 Derek Gabriel: 💯 @paul
00:19:55 Rob Danser: ^this
00:20:55 Odin Fuhrman: Rob make that face again so I can take a screenshot! hahaha
00:21:18 Rob Danser: you gotta say that one client makes up one 1/3 of your rev again
00:21:21 Rob Danser: lol
00:21:42 Derek Gabriel: right that is cringe worthy, no matter how you cut it. Hard to say no to those.
00:23:52 Rob Danser: its so tough- it looks so good and its so much $$$ until it isn't
00:24:41 Derek Gabriel: does anyone ever anticipate any storms? ;)
00:25:10 Rob Danser: lol
00:25:36 Derek Gabriel: We do that, we define the onboarding period in our SOWs - what they get, what the expectations are, and how the SLA differs... not a TAM thing, but worth mentioning :)
00:26:21 art meyer: Yeah Brooke!!! Drinkerbelle!!!
00:27:16 David Wallach: Love to listen and learn. Sadly, I need to run to a client meeting.
00:27:41 Rob Danser: No worries david
00:27:58 Brooke Smith: You're welcome Art! hahaha
00:28:05 art meyer: I've got a client meeting at noon. going to bounce out in a few
00:28:21 Rob Danser: no worries art! go kill it :-)
00:28:47 art meyer: funny story... re onboarding a new practice manager. quite the coincidence
00:29:45 Derek Gabriel: If you don't have an account manager, what's your relationship with your business leaders? BC it sounds like you need to ask them to be more involved...
00:38:50 Derek Gabriel: *ding* *ding* *ding*
00:38:55 Derek Gabriel: winner Brian
00:38:55 Derek Gabriel: lol
00:39:31 Derek Gabriel: Also sounds like vCIO reframing... not sales reframing, but like the vCIO reframing to alignment and strategy
00:41:04 Rob Danser: funny thing it aint all that different
00:41:12 Derek Gabriel: right...
00:41:52 Rob Danser: https://members.trumethods.com/step/reframing-2/
00:42:10 Derek Gabriel: dirty sales... no it's sexy sales!
00:42:27 Derek Gabriel: frick I use reframing now in my personal life … watch me get someone else to wash the dishes ;)
00:42:54 Derek Gabriel: aw that's bummer
00:43:11 Derek Gabriel: I love Grant and his 16 books
00:43:29 Derek Gabriel: right someone is sold in every conversation
00:43:39 Paul Vedder: Grant can come off like a d-bag...FYI.
00:43:47 Paul Vedder: His stuff is good
00:43:52 Derek Gabriel: oh, totally, but I do too now - that I know we're the best service provider
00:44:16 Derek Gabriel: there's a fine line between confident and cocky, and as long as one is aware
00:44:17 Paul Vedder: A dude that funny enough looks like him but is I think better is Brad Lea
00:44:23 Paul Vedder: https://www.bradlea.com/real
00:44:26 Michael Britton: thanks for that Brooke
00:44:28 Paul Vedder: Follow that guy on IG
00:44:34 Brooke Smith: Brad is great too!
00:44:54 Rob Danser: https://members.trumethods.com/step/reframing-refocusing/
00:45:52 Derek Gabriel: you don't
00:46:10 Derek Gabriel: We're using a product that helps, but there's no silver bullet
00:46:14 Derek Gabriel: we use Cloudradial as our customer portal
00:46:32 Alex Tuñón: What we did to help our clients learn to help themselves is to accept that they will not help themselves. :-P
00:46:42 Derek Gabriel: and in the ticket submission process there is the ability to have sort of a "do this first" checklist, but there's no way to enforce like can I check if the computer was actually restarted
00:46:52 Derek Gabriel: instaed the helpdesk runs that kind of check immediately on all tickets
00:46:52 Rob Danser: https://media.giphy.com/media/DUtVdGeIU8lmo/giphy.gif
00:47:06 Ashli Clubine: ^this
00:48:57 Brooke Smith: Hahahah I LOVVVEEE IT Crowd
00:51:42 Brooke Smith: What do you when that POC is NOT the right person for that role... and the company doesn't have anyone else to offer you!!!
00:52:42 Rob Danser: oof that's a rough one
00:52:48 Rob Danser: what makes them not a good fir?
00:53:04 Ashli Clubine: ^brooke I have this situation at a few clients ATM
00:53:08 J.Mac Brown: This the right site? https://www.cloudradial.com/
00:53:39 Odin Fuhrman: yeah I was looking for it as well
00:54:31 Odin Fuhrman: Huntress for the win!
00:55:03 Joshua Bristol: You end up sending someone onsite for simple issues, hahaha
00:55:09 Odin Fuhrman: BTW when you first said it I thought you were saying "Cloud Radio"
00:55:22 Derek Gabriel: train then guide rails
00:55:28 Derek Gabriel: yeah sorry, Cloudradial :D
00:56:00 Derek Gabriel: J.Mac has the correct link
00:57:23 Derek Gabriel: That's part of the problem Brooke, you ASKED them if they thought they had a better person, you need to TELL them they need a better person...
00:58:53 Brooke Smith: Derek -- I've even done some "gum shoeing" and there really is not a person I would even think makes sense in that role! it's painful...
00:59:55 Derek Gabriel: Right Rob - this is definitely a help us help you convo
01:00:51 Derek Gabriel: 1) Live with it 2) use additional tools to add guard rails 3) make a change 4) kick them to the curb
01:02:43 Derek Gabriel: We had a similar challenge Brooke and the leadership had a conversation and the client agreed to bring in a low level "technology specialist" for their company, someone to help with internal training and be the liaison and smart hands onsite, no change to our contract.
01:03:04 Brooke Smith: That's an idea Gabriel -- thank you!
01:03:31 Brooke Smith: We even offered to groom/train someone... so the ball is in their court to "help us help you"

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