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00:07:36 William Schmitt: I am vCIO and I run the onboarding
00:07:44 Jorge: how do you define onboarding?
00:08:13 Brooke Smith: I am vCIO and I do NOT get involved with onboarding - I am on the scene generally for the 90 Post OB.
00:08:15 Jason Montville: We've gotten into having our central services manager PM the onboardings … which leaves it focused more on tool deployment and documentation. We're starting now to talk about the vCIO taking a lead role in onboarding going forward!
00:08:17 Neil Murray: I'm involved from a communications point of view, but most of the coordination is done by a project manager.
00:08:54 AClubine: Awesome background Brent!
00:09:01 David Johnson: For smaller MSPs, typically the VCIO would be leading the onboarding. I know some larger MSPs have dedicated PMs for onboarding. Regardless, I think the VCIO should be involved.
00:09:30 William Schmitt: I do the onboarding kick-off to outline what they can expect during onboarding. I generally collect account/vendor/password info. The TAM is onsite doing all the technical and I let them know I am the main point of contact during on boarding. Gets them used to working with me.
00:09:51 Brooke Smith: generally the OB is very technical and requires the CS team and support desk and admin (billing/scheduling etc.) -- We call them the SynchroNet Marines on Scene!!! The owner/POC are aware that vCIO will be reviewing everything for the 90days and when things settle we will have a "face-to- face"
00:11:33 Sara Geiser: Our vCIO's are monitoring/overseeing the onboarding - making sure the clients get what they need with the techs.
00:14:06 Ashli: That's how ours run as well
00:15:57 William Schmitt: Our onboarding is gather information to provide support and getting the tools in place for monitoring and remediation. Some clients are actually shocked when we say 30 day onboarding (they think it sounds too long). Just from what I've heard from new clients.
00:16:06 David Johnson: Our onboarding process is usually about 30 days - 1) Deploy our platform, 2) Gather documentation and knowledge transfer from previous IT provider, and 3) IT Gap Assessment (the gap between where the client is and where they want to be)
00:16:22 Jason Montville: One of my main goals (beyond relationship building between the CIO and POC at the client) is initial documentation of the environment … everything leading upto the ability for remote support as well as the ability to support that client well
00:19:06 William Schmitt: Do you worry that having too long of an onboarding time gives you a false sense of comfort and maybe you don't have the same sense of urgency or importance?
00:19:20 DonR: You have to set you Service Desk up for success, if they have no business intelligence that tells them how the client uses technology to accomplish business goals, you are not starting off on the right foot
00:21:51 Brooke Smith: We do!
00:21:52 Cameron Williams: A group of people
00:21:54 Rebeccah Goforth: We do not
00:21:56 Neil Murray: We pull in our Professional Services team in as required.
00:21:59 Keala Asato: No dedicated team
00:22:01 Jorge: We had one in the past, when our onboarding tasks were a longer list
00:22:02 Odin Fuhrman: Our Project Team does the on-boarding
00:22:04 David Johnson: We do not have a dedicated team
00:22:05 Marc Pickard - CBTech Support: 2 man shop here, so it's just me and my business partner
00:22:07 Curt Dueck: pulled from Pro Services
00:22:08 Christa Kruty: Our project team does our intakes/onboardings.
00:22:10 Jason Montville: We use a combination of our Centralized Services manager and existing support staff
00:22:11 Jeremy McNutt: we have roughly 40 clients and have 1 dedicated team member for onboarding
00:22:14 William Schmitt: I typically manage the onboarding but I just included one of the techs (not consistent)
00:22:18 Michael: We pull from our existing team, roles that know they are a part of the onboarding
00:22:29 Bob Borges: We have a dedicated onboarding engineer who works with the TAM
00:25:51 Michael: We also assign 1 individual from each department to the onboarding of a client.
00:26:17 David Johnson: May not be the appropriate venue, so if not, no harm no foul... I'd like to ask if anyone is has outside sales, and if so, would they be willing to speak to me offline to discuss outside sales interviewing and onboarding.
00:27:14 William Schmitt: Are you utilizing the presentation mode from myITprocess?
00:30:16 Brooke Smith: I dunno… my guys don't like it LOL … maybe it's just change...
00:30:44 Dan Seafoot: in the new Alignment report - can you export to XLS document? or just PDF?
00:31:02 Jason Montville: +1 William! It's a great tool built-in to the myITprocess platform. To be fair … I was the only vCIO here using it until the others changed roles or moved on. So maybe it's just me too
00:31:12 Jorge: I've been using the presentation mode, but very loosely. I tend to keep meetings more conversational in nature
00:31:42 Rob Danser: @dan PDF only
00:32:08 Jason Montville: I definitely have a mix of clients. Those that prefer more structure, I like the presentation and agenda report. Those that are more conversational, I often don't bring up anything … just chat with them and take notes.
00:32:32 Adam: Nice work Odin!
00:33:54 Michael: Format looks very nice Odin!
00:34:35 William Schmitt: When I switched to the presentation mode from myITprocess I received good feedback. I notice I get better responses from the customer when the HAVE to accept or reject a decision. They said it's better because it's more relevant information and I'm not wasting their time.
00:35:03 William Schmitt: I actually was typing in the reason for rejection on a couple and had the client say "Well whoa whoa, let's just go ahead and put that in progress" lol
00:35:17 Jorge: that's fantastic
00:35:26 William Schmitt: :D
00:35:32 Michael: Yes, the Accept Reject immediate response is great in myITprocess presentation mode
00:36:33 JD: Ya, when you start typing, "client is assuming risk on this" it's like a slap to the head that wakes them up
00:36:57 Neil Murray: Love it!
00:36:58 William Schmitt: Exactly.
00:36:59 Michael: Yes, they get to participate. absolutely
00:37:32 Elisabeth Clark: yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:38:55 Neil Murray: Agreed. Looks great Odin!
00:38:56 Dan Seafoot: yeah you put a lot of work into that. Looks great @Odin
00:40:00 Dan Seafoot: how many people just turned on their video after he said that?
00:40:04 Neil Murray: I feel guilty with mine off today! :)
00:40:32 William Schmitt: Man I feel video shamed
00:40:34 Odin Fuhrman: Thank you for the feedback! much appreciated!
00:40:39 Cameron Williams: SHAMEEEE
00:42:11 Brooke Smith: hahaha and I am off video -- client call... ;-)
00:45:10 Scott Chester: So why haven’t we moved this call to Teams so we have the chat history there?
00:45:31 Scott Chester: I’ll give you the subscription.
00:46:00 Michael: JD is on it. Already selling teams
00:47:07 JD: But I'm definitely NOT A SALES GUY! Lol
00:48:16 Rob Danser: https://trumethods.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052501693-July-2020-Maintaining-the-Essence-of-TAM
00:48:39 Keala Asato: Thank you!
00:48:39 Neil Murray: Long weekend for those of us north of the border!

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