Kaseya SaaS Infrastructure Updates - August 17th - na1vsatrial03, na1vsa20, na1vsa23, na1vsa28, na1vsa29, na1vsa36

As part of Kaseya’s effort to provide exceptional service, we want to make you aware that we will be upgrading our underlying SaaS infrastructure to provide improved performance, reliability, and availability of our platform. This takes place during the normal maintenance window on Saturday mornings (US).

Customers do not have to take any actions unless you have added rules in your onsite firewalls to restrict access to only certain IP ranges for the Kaseya SaaS data center.
For Customers who Have Special IP Range Rules Only
If you have configured special IP range rules in your firewalls, you will need to add a new rule to allow
On the weekend of August 17th, the following servers will be updated:
  • na1vsatrial03
  • na1vsa20
  • na1vsa23
  • na1vsa28
  • na1vsa29
  • na1vsa36
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