10/21/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.64

This release includes improvements and fixes.


  • Improved Graphus integration page: A new download action icon has been added to the Graphus integration page and appears only for unlicensed users with an error status. Now you can download a CSV file with a list of unlicensed users and buy licenses for Graphus or Google/Azure for this specific list of CSV file users. Click the download icon. To learn more, click the following article BullPhish ID Integration with Graphus – Kaseya


  • Improved IT Glue integration page: You can now remove an existing IT Glue organization link with a specific BullPhish ID organization using the drop-down section. This feature helps you in the following way: 
    • You can directly remove an existing IT Glue organization link with a specific BullPhish ID and manually link it to another BullPhish ID organization.
    • You can ultimately remove the organization link between the IT Glue and BullPhish ID. Select None from the IT Glue integration column drop-down section and click Save. Check out the following article to learn how to remove an existing IT Glue organization link with BullPhish ID. (Quick tip: Refer to the following section, "Remove IT Glue organization link.")


  • Time-zone Improvement: Time-zones on campaign reports now reflect the same time-zone used when a phishing/training campaign was created.


    • Generated CSV file information.


UI Improvements

  • For a better user experience, we have improved the Help icon section of the BullPhish ID dashboard. 

Go to BullPhish ID > Help icon


  • The BullPhish ID statistics cards have been redesigned in the entire application. You will see the updated cards on the following pages. 
    • View All Phishing campaigns, View All Training Campaigns, Groups and Targets.



    • Improved Forgot Password functionality: If you've forgotten or lost your BullPhish ID account credentials, you can reset your email password using Forgot Password. You then receive a reset link to your email address.
      • With this feature improvement, the link will redirect you to a new page and allow you to set your new password. Once you successfully save a new password, you must enter your credentials and a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) code to log in to the application.


  • We fixed an issue where an image was not displayed correctly in the custom course invite template. Previously, when a user created a new custom course invite template with an image and sent an email using the "Send Test Email" feature, the image would not be displayed. To test it, go to BullPhish ID > Training and Awareness > Training portal > Email templates > Course Invite.

Safelisting guide updates 

The following safelisting guides have been added to the BullPhish ID Portal under the Guides section. These guides are also available in the Kaseya Knowledge base helpdesk. 

Training course updates

The following new training courses are now available on the BullPhish ID dashboard under Training Courses.

1. Ransomware for Healthcare.


2. Business email compromise (BEC)- Gift Card Scams.




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