Oct 11, 2022

The Oct 11, 2022 release includes the following features and fixes:



  • Resolved an issue in the Cylance monitor app where Threat Details, Memory Protection Details, and Detections details did not display the description object in events
  • Resolved an issue where the Owner role could not successfully map customers in the Graphus integration
  • Resolved an issue where SSO(Single-Sign on) from ITComplete would fail periodically if two RocketCyber tabs were open
  • Resolved an issue where the SentinelOne monitor app would create duplicate entries for a threat that has already been resolved in SentinelOne
  • Resolved a display issue where the Search widget appeared above the usable screen space when a notification bar for trial expiration was displayed


Please note, we have disabled and removed the System Process Verifier app from all dashboards and the App Store, as process verification is now contained within the Advanced Breach Detection app.

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