Using VSA Personal Access Token in IT Glue


Personal Access Tokens (PAT) were introduced in VSA to replace basic authentication – username and password combination – for API connections. Basic authentication has since been deprecated and will be removed from VSA. Please refer to the VSA Rest API guide for more details.

To support this change from basic authentication to PAT,  IT Glue has implemented access tokens in the VSA setup page.


  • Setup your personal access token in VSA
  • Change authentication to use VSA personal access tokens in IT Glue

Token Authentication in VSA

  1. In VSA, Navigate to  System > User Security > Users > User > Access Tokens.
    Important Note: Make sure you choose the user who is integrated with IT Glue and not the user who is logged into VSA.

  2. Click New and create a token for your account.

  3. In the Scopes Assigned section, from the two options at the bottom, click to select REST API (Read, Write).
    Data Warehouse API: This option will let you execute API calls to data warehouses endpoints using the generated token. This is not applicable to IT Glue-VSA integration.
    REST API: This option will let you have access to the REST APIs using the generated token.

    Warning: Do not select either the first option (Data Warehouse API) or both the options together. If you select either one of these two in this order, the integration will fail and an error message to that effect will be displayed in IT Glue.
    Note: IP whitelist does apply to PAT. You need to include the IP that the integration comes from, or leave it empty to allow access from any IP.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Copy the generated token.
    The expiration period is the parameter that the user sets during token creation.
    Access to data is controlled by the scope assigned to this user.

Use VSA PAT in IT Glue

  1. Navigate to Account > Integrations > Kaseya VSA > Action (dropdown)
  2. Select Edit Credentials.
  3. Open your existing setup. 
  4. Paste the token you saved previous from VSA in the VSA Access Token Field. 
  5. Test the connection to make sure all is working well.
  6. Save your settings. 


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