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10/06/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.63

This release includes improvements and fixes.


Activate/ Deactivate Targets in BullPhish ID

Targets in BullPhish ID can now be set to Active/ Inactive status on the 'Targets' page.

Active Directory Sync with Managing Targets

Users now have the ability to manage targets that have been synced through Active Directory. With this new improvement, users can activate or deactivate targets that have been imported through the Azure directory.

Targets with deactivated statuses on BullPhish ID will remain deactivated after any active directory sync and will not participate in any Phishing or Training campaigns until that target has be reactivated.

This change will affect the following areas in the product:

  • Deactivated targets cannot be added to a group
  • Deactivated targets will no longer have access to the "Training Portal"
  • Deactivated Targets will not participate in either Phishing or Training campaigns
  • When a deactivated user attempts to view a Phishing Kit landing page, they will be redirected to another page with this message:

 To Activate/ Deactivate targets, follow the steps below:

    1. Log into BullPhish ID portal > Targets & Groups > Targets.
    2. You can deactivate one or more targets by selecting the checkbox next to the name and click Deactivate. 


Once targets get deactivated, you can still activate them using the Active action button. 

Select the list of inactive targets and click Active. Upon activation, targets can be added to groups(s).


Cooper Insight 

A new cooper insight has been added to the KaseyaOne dashboard. Users who have not created an automated report will be sent the insight below detailing the benefits of scheduling automated reports which can be sent to any user on a monthly or quarterly basis:

"Save time by automatically delivering BullPhish ID monthly and quarterly business reports to your clients." To learn more about this insight, visit your KaseyaOne account or to learn about Cooper Insights, review our BullPhish ID - Cooper Insight guide to learn more. 



  • For a better user experience, all checkboxes of the BullPhish ID application are redesigned with a hover effect to match other Kaseya products.


  • Improved an issue in which phishing campaigns were sent out during the "Hours To Send" window exclusively in EDT instead of the selected time zone. Users can now be assured that campaigns will be sent out within the "Hours To Send" window with their specified time zone.
  • Fixed an issue where administrators were unable to delete phishing kits for their organizations. Previously, the delete icon was not displayed on the kit, now below users can view the delete icon and remove the phishing kits:
    • Partner admin and partner agent users can remove phishing kits for their own organization, along with their child organization(s).
    • Privileged users can now remove kits that have been assigned to their own organization(s). 
  • Resolved an issue where an integration was stuck in the "Syncing" status if the API key had been changed.

Training course updates

The following new training courses are now available on BPID Portal: "Dashboard" > "Training Courses."

1. Business email compromise (BEC) - Invoice/ Urgent payment required.



2. BEC Credential & Data Theft Scams.




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