How do I edit an existing email template when creating a Phishing Kit?

1. Log into BullPhish ID and click Phishing Simulation > Phishing Kits > Create New Kit.


2. Fill in the Kit information details on the Create Kit page. 

Important: You can view the Existing Template and Email Template Information once you select a Language from the Kit Information section. 

3. Once a language has been selected, the Existing Template field will appear. From the Existing Template field, (1) select Yes, (2) followed by clicking the drop-down and choosing an existing template that best suits your phishing kit. For example, "Template_3ebay_suspicious_activity".


4. Go to the Email Template Information section to edit/create new text and add hyperlinks to the specified email template. 

Place the cursor on the page where you want to add the content or the body of the HTML Email Template and highlight a text that will take your targets to the selected landing page. 

  • Click the Link icon on the Formatting Controls ribbon.
    • Ensure the Link Type is a URL.
    • Select <other> from Protocol drop-down; enter the {{.URL}} on the pop-up dialog box. 
      • Please note a template is an HTML file mimicking a legitimate email sent by a trusted entity or organization. It contains a {{.URL}} HTML token automatically links to the target landing page, which is included in a kit; do not add any additional information to this HTML token.
  • Landing Page: A landing page is an HTML file that mimics a legitimate login form that is often used by actual phishing scams to retrieve information. Once a data submission button is clicked, the action is recorded, and the user is taken to a screen that displays a video educating the user on the dangers of phishing.
    • Click OK to save the link.


  • Recommend clicking Preview & Save.


Note: The changes you make here will not overwrite the existing template but save it as a copy.

5. Click Save to apply changes.




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