Configure Single-Sign-On with KaseyaOne


RocketCyber can now be configured to allow your users to sign in to RocketCyber with their KaseyaOne credentials.

Note: with the first version of the integration, Sign in with KaseyaOne can be configured at the Provider level in RocketCyber. Future versions will enable this feature at the organization level as well.



  • You must have a KaseyaOne account set up
  • Ensure the RocketCyber admin that enables this feature in RocketCyber has a corresponding KaseyaOne account
  • The RocketCyber user that first enables SSO have the 'Owner' role
  • All RocketCyber users who will be able to sign in with KaseyaOne, must also have a corresponding KaseyaOne account

How to set it up for your users:

1. Navigate to the Provider level in RocketCyber and open Provider Settings.


2. Enable the “Allow users to authenticate with KaseyaOne” slider


3. You will be immediately redirected to the KaseyaOne login, and will need to supply your Kaseya credentials.



4. On successful authentication with KaseyaOne, you will be routed back to the RocketCyber Provider Settings. Your users can now sign in with KaseyaOne!


What to expect for your users:

Now, when a user opens the login screen for RocketCyber, they will see a “Sign in with KaseyaOne” option.


Selecting this option will route them to the KaseyaOne login where they will need to authenticate.

They will then be routed back to the RocketCyber login screen, where they will need to provide their RocketCyber login credentials one last time to map the accounts to each other.


Note, completing this action will enable the “Sign in with KaseyaOne” slider under the User’s profile automatically. If a reset is ever needed, you can disable the slider and re-enable it to re-authenticate.


Moving forward, if a user has configured SSO with KaseyaOne, when coming back to RocketCyber, they will be automatically re-authenticated with KaseyaOne.

If the user logs out from RocketCyber, they will have to re-authenticate with KaseyaOne.



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