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IT Glue Flexible Assets: Features and Usage

Flexible assets can now be linked to client template questions, review questions, and strategic recommendations

Please note: You must re-establish your IT Glue integration. Click here to update.

The integration with IT Glue Flexible Assets allows users to associate review questions, client template questions and strategic roadmap recommendations to assets in IT Glue and provide a single lens to view data.

Flexible assets can be searched and added in a few areas in myITprocess.

Search and add flexible assets on client templates.

Go to Standards and select a client.

Navigate down to a question and click the View Assets link in the side panel. 

If you are logged in to IT Glue and have updated your integration, you will be able to search for and add flexible assets for that question. Each time you perform a review of this question for this client, this asset will be visible.

If you are not logged in to IT Glue, you will be prompted for your credentials. After successfully logging in to IT Glue, you will be redirected back to your client question and then you'll be able to search for and add assets.

Flexible Asset GIF.gif

Search and add flexible assets in reviews.

Navigate to Alignment and then select a review for a client that is mapped to an IT Glue organization.

In the review, click the IT Glue icon and click the Add Asset link to search for and add assets to a specific question. 


Search and add flexible assets on strategic roadmap recommendations.

Navigate to Strategy and either create a new recommendation or select one from any quarter.

Click the Assets tab and then type in the search bar.

Once the asset is shown click the Add button.

Assets will be shown on individual recommendations and during the presentation.

Flexible Assets - Recommendations.gif




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