09/21/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.62

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features 

Simplified organization management-Integration with IT Glue is now LIVE.

The simplified organization management functionality release is a significant BullPhish ID enhancement that leverages a new integration with IT Glue.

  • This integration improves customer onboarding by importing SMB organizations from IT Glue to BullPhish ID by clicking on the button ‘Add From IT Glue.' BullPhish ID organization names will always be in sync with the name assigned to IT Glue organization.
  • When the integration is enabled, BullPhish ID and IT Glue organizations with the same name will be automatically linked.
  • In case an organization was created with a different name on both products, you can manually link them on the Integrations page. 
  • IT Glue will be the source of truth any changes made to the IT Glue organization name will automatically be reflected on the BullPhish ID counterpart. 
  • After successfully importing/ syncing organizations, you can manage organizational settings such as Enable/ Disable organization, manage Phishing/Training subscriptions in a single view. 


  • If the user wishes to sync specific organizations from IT Glue to BullPhish ID, they can update ‘IT Glue Sync Settings.'


To learn more about these features, check out the following Kaseya Knowledge-based article that walks you through a step-by-step process of BullPhish ID’s integration with IT Glue.



We have improved Import CSV functionality. The original target entries are updated with an email address and SMB organization as unique identifiers. For example, previously, when a user imports a .csv file with the list of targets who have the first name, last name, position, and email addresses; and if a user wants to make some changes to the first name and last name and import the same .csv file, the target was not updated, which is now updated. Now users can view the information about how many targets are added and updated; a pop-up message appears on the bottom left corner of the screen. The original target entries are updated with an email address and SMB organization as unique identifiers. 

Note: Check out the detailed guide of Import CSV for more information. 






  • We have improved KaseyaOne logout security functionality. When a BullPhish ID user logs out via KaseyaOne, the application sends additional data to the user. 


  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to click LOG INTO TRAINING from the training campaign email template. Previously, the list of courses were not displayed completely; now, users can scroll down and check all training campaign courses from the email and click the LOG INTO TRAINING button, which then takes you directly to the Training portal.


  • Fixed an issue where incorrect data was found on the pdf campaign report for the Number of Targets field. Now when you send a phishing campaign and remove one of the targets from the SMB organization, the number of targets count is the same as campaign emails. 
  • Fixed an issue where a user could not log into the BullPhish ID account and see a locked screen after a successful password change using the Forgot Password link. Now user account will be unlocked after providing the valid credentials. 
  • Fixed an issue where MME and partner logos were not found while uploading a logo for partner and MME organization. Now we updated partners' logo placeholder information on the BullPhish ID portal. 
  • Fixed an issue where targets with specific french symbols are imported incorrectly. Now you can see import targets with specific french symbols correctly. 

Training course updates

The following new training courses are now available on BPID Portal: "Dashboard" > "Training Courses."

1. Introduction to Business Email Compromise.




2. BEC Techniques.



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