Sep 20, 2022

The Sep 20, 2022 Release includes the following features and fixes:



Replaced “Download JSON” function with a JSON tab next to Event Details to make it easier to copy information from an individual event



Note: You will notice that several of the Download options have been removed from the UI. This is in preparation for our next release(Sep 27), where we will introduce a new download feature that will deliver the requested information via email with a link to the data. This feature will be available on the Agents, Firewalls, and Triage views within our Apps.



Issues resolved in this release:

RocketCyber web console:

  • Resolved an issue where 0365 Login Analyzer User/Country whitelist items were displayed as separate entries. New entries will be displayed as a User/Country pair.
    Note- it is recommended to re-create entries that were separated to ensure they are honored.

  • Resolved an issue where Reputation and Country, File Names, and Findings were not being displayed correctly for the corresponding Apps in the Device Breach Report

  • Resolved an issue where the Cylance integration was not collecting data in some cases. If you have the Cylance integration configured, you will begin to see flow of data in the Monitor App. Please check your integration and contact support if you are not seeing data.




  • Logging improvements in the Windows agent to reduce log volume

  • Resolved an issue that was causing the RocketCyber agent to crash Windows Server 2022 edition in certain cases

  • Resolved an issue where some events from the Event Log Monitoring App were malformed, causing them to display improperly


Note: The new version of the Agent will be released on a phased rollout schedule over the next few days with expected full rollout by Friday, Sep 23.

MACOS: Agent Version v1.0 “Release” Build(22183)
LINUX: Agent Version v1.0 “Release” Build(22193)
WINDOWS: Agent Version v1.5 "Release" Build (22515)

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