Autocomplete Review

Updated review workflow for increased efficiency

myITprocess employs autocomplete logic for the review process. This removes any unnecessary work and increases the amount of time a vCIO will spend on the strategic roadmap for their clients. 

Autocomplete logic is used in the following scenarios:

  • When an engineer (or TAM, Technology Alignment Manager) answers questions as Yes (questions that are in alignment with your best practices) they will be automatically aligned for the vCIO. 
  • If all questions on a review have been marked as Internal Use, that review will be automatically completed and the vCIO will not have to answer questions for that review.
  • Questions that were answered No by the TAM will all appear on the strategy page's Findings panel.
Note: Questions marked as N/A by the engineer will be still need to be manually marked by the vCIO. This feature enhancement will be released the end of 2022.


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