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Why did my review disappear?

When clicking the Findings icon, I don't see any reviews?

The findings panel is designed to show only open reviews - those reviews that are in the status of vCIO in Progress. myITprocess employs autocomplete logic on the Findings panel which means that if a previous review had all of its questions answered by the vCIO, this review will not show in the findings panel. You can edit a previously completed review if you want to add findings. Please note: if you change a review's status and all questions on the review have vCIO answers, this review will still not show on the findings panel. 

By default, when an engineer answers all of the questions from their portion of the review process, all those questions that were marked as a No will automatically become findings. The vCIO has a choice of either completing the review from the alignment page or on the strategic roadmap utilizing the findings panel.

See our vCIO Review Process article for more information.



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