vCIO Review Process

This article will show you the process for completing a review as a vCIO. 

The vCIO review can be completed in one of two ways:

  1. The Findings panel on the Strategic Roadmap
  2. The Alignment page for that review

myITprocess automatically answers any aligned items by your engineer as Aligned on the vCIO review.

Note: Reviews created prior to September 22, 2022 will not have questions automatically marked as Aligned on the vCIO review.


Completing a review on the Strategic Roadmap:

  1. Click the link from your notification email
  2. Go to Strategy on the menu bar and click the Findings icon 
  3. When entering into the review for the first time you will see a prompt for View Findings. 

1. Notification Email

Following the link in the notification email will lead you to the Strategic Roadmap for that client, showing the Findings panel. The Findings panel will show that review in the dropdown menu.


If you have other open reviews for this client, they will appear in the dropdown menu.

By default, the Findings panel will show questions from reviews that were answered as misaligned by your engineer/Technology Alignment Manager.

Questions that were marked as aligned by your engineer are visible by adjusting the filter.

To complete this review click on the Add Answer icon to select this finding's vulnerability. Then, click on the Assign Recommendation icon to either assign this finding to an existing recommendation or create a new recommendation




2. Strategy > Findings

Navigate to Strategy on the menu bar and then click the Findings icon to make the Findings panel appear. From this panel you can complete the review in the manner described above.






3. Alignment Page

When a vCIO enters the review after the engineer completes that review, they will be prompted to View Findings. Clicking this button will lead a user to that client's strategic roadmap, with the Findings panel shown. There you can answer questions as described above.



Completing a review via the Alignment page

Go to Alignment on the menu bar and then select the review you want to complete.

On the review you can assign a level of risk for questions that are out of alignment. You can also assign recommendations for questions or create a new recommendation.



See Autocomplete Review and Adding Findings for more information on our roadmap prioritization.

Click the following links for information on our IT Glue integration and PSA integrations

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