Configure Email Security - Graphus

Integrating Graphus with RocketCyber allows information about detections and status to be passed from Graphus to the RocketCyber SOC.  


Perform the following steps to ensure data is passed to RocketCyber from Graphus: 

  1. In Graphus, enable the RocketCyber integration 
  2. In Graphus, obtain your MSP GUID 
  3. In RocketCyber, authenticate to Graphus with your Graphus URL and GUID 
  4. In RocketCyber, map your Graphus domains and names to your RocketCyber organizations 
  5. Ensure the Graphus app is enabled in your RocketCyber App Store 


First you will need to perform two tasks in Graphus: 


Navigate to MSP Administration> Integrations and enable the RocketCyber Integration blobid0.png



Obtain your MSP GUID by navigating to Integrations>MSP Information 



Login to your RocketCyber MSP account (at the MSP level) 




Next, in the left pane, navigate to Integrations>Email Security>Graphus and enter your URL and GUID to authenticate.

Note: Perform a credential test to verify you have entered the correct data, then Authenticate to save your credentials . If you get an authentication error, please verify your GUID is correct.  If you still receive errors, contact support. blobid3.png


Map your Graphus domains to your RocketCyber organizations 

Once your credentials have been saved, you will now Map your auto-populated Graphus organizations to your RocketCyber organizations by matching each Graphus Domain and Name to your RocketCyber organization in the drop-down menus that appear. blobid4.jpg


Ensure your Graphus app is enabled in the RocketCyber App Store 


Navigate to App Store in RocketCyber, and ensure the Graphus app is enabled- it should be set to “On”. 




Now the integration with Graphus is configured, and email events will be passed to the RocketCyber SOC.  You should now also see the Graphus App displayed on your Dashboard where you can view events that are passed to RocketCyber SOC for review. 


NOTE: RocketCyber polls for Graphus events multiple times per day. The 'Detection Date' in the RocketCyber Graphus Monitor app is a reflection of the time the data was polled from Graphus. The true detection time can be found directly in the Graphus console.

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