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This topic covers how to export VulScan notification tasks to RocketCyber. This integration allows you to view VulScan security issues from within your RocketCyber dashboard. In addition to your VulScan subscription, you will need a RocketCyber subscription to use this integration.

Here's how to set up the integration:

Step 1 — Enable VulScan from the RocketCyber App Store

First, you need to enable VulScan from the RocketCyber App Store.

    1. From your RocketCyber account, open the App Store.
    2. Apps within the App Store are arranged in alphabetical order, so scroll down to "V" for VulScan.

  1. Click the slider to enable the VulScan Collector.

Step 2 — Gather API Credentials from RocketCyber Account

Next, we need to gather two pieces of data from your RocketCyber account to enable the integration.

    1. From the top menu, select your company, and then open Provider Settings.

    1. Click the RocketCyber API tab.

  1. Copy the API access token.
  2. Then, copy the number at the end of your browser URL for the Provider Settings page. This is your account number.

Step 3 — Enable the RocketCyber integration in VulScan

Next, return to the RapidFire Tools portal and open your VulScan site.

    1. Navigate to VulScan > Settings > IT Complete.
    2. Click the slider to activate the RocketCyber integration.

  1. Select your User Location for the site: USA or Europe.
  2. Enter the Account ID and API key that you collected in Step 2 — Gather API Credentials from RocketCyber Account.
  3. Click Verify to test the connection. A modal will appear to inform you of a successful connection.
  4. Next, select the RocketCyber organization from the drop-down menu. This should be the organization for which you want to export VulScan issues to RocketCyber.
  5. When you are finished, click Save.

Step 4 — Create Notification Task for RocketCyber Export

Now we need to create a new notification task to export VulScan issues to RocketCyber.

You must have first set up scan tasks to detect vulnerabilities to export. See Create Internal Scan Task and/or Create External Scan Task.

    1. From inside your VulScan site, navigate to Settings > Scan and Notification Tasks.

    1. Open the Notifications tab and click Create.
    2. From the Notification Task Type screen, select Send to RocketCyber. Then configure and save the notification task as you normally would. See also Create Notification Tasks.

Step 5 — Browse VulScan Issues from RocketCyber Dashboard

Once VulScan performs the notification task and exports VulScan issues to RocketCyber, you can view them in the RocketCyber Dashboard.

    1. Open RocketCyber and select your company and organization.
    2. Open the Dashboard from the left menu.

    1. Scroll down to VulScan Collector and click View.

    1. Here you can find a list containing the VulScan issues. Click Details to see additional information for each issue, as in the VulScan Scan Results page. You can also export these issues into other data formats.

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