How do I find list of the licensed/protected users on Graphus side?

For customers using BullPhish ID integration with Graphus, only mailboxes protected by Graphus will receive BullPhish ID campaign emails right into their inboxes. It is because Graphus needs access to the API to save the inboxes. Unprotected users will not receive the BullPhish ID campaign email.

Hence organizations with unprotected users will automatically be inactive on the BullPhish ID side.

How to find the list of licensed/protected users on the Graphus side

1. Login into the Graphus portal as MSP.
2. From the Organizations/Insights page, click on the selected organization for the organization view.
3. Click on User Management on the left navigation.
4. Click on the Billable count hyperlink for G Suite. 
    or the Protected count hyperlink for O365 to view users protected by Graphus.

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