Chapter 7: Targets & Groups

BullPhish ID Targets & Groups module allows you to create/ manage targets (training recipients) and add them to groups. Targets can create initially before adding to a group, or they can be manually imported from a CSV file while creating a group. Once added, you can also Edit or Duplicate an existing Group. Groups can be used across the Phishing Simulation and Training & Awareness modules.


    • Modifications to a group will not affect the campaigns that are in the "In Progress" state because group information is synced right before a campaign is processed. Changes made to a group will reflect in new or scheduled campaigns. 
    • The statuses listed below are considered as in the 'In Progress' state:
      • "Processing," "Sending Emails," and "Running Campaign Statuses." 


Follow the articles to learn more about Targets, Groups, and Directories modules.

How to create Targets?

How to create Groups?

How to create Directories?


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